Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Daily: A Christmas Meme

My friend Barbara of Stray Thoughts wrote a new Christmas meme (pronounced "meem" to rhyme with "cream") last week. What's a meme, you ask? In bloggy terms, it's a list of questions about a topic which one blogger asks on her blog, and other bloggers copy and answer on their blogs. I've answered a wedding meme, a Thanksgiving meme, a kitchen meme (when we lived in North Vancouver), a Meet My Bible meme, an Eight Questions meme, and another Christmas meme, among quite a few others. I enjoy doing them, and I enjoy reading them on others' blogs, so if you choose to do this one, let me know and I'll come read it! Just be sure to give the credit to Barbara, ok?!

Photo from Stray Thoughts

What is your favorite Christmas song?  My favorite Christmas hymn is O Holy Night; my favorite secular song (since I'm not a kid anymore!) is All I Want For Christmas Is You, the older version.

Favorite Christmas special/movie? I love A Charlie Brown Christmas, simply because it tells the story of Jesus' birth and it is still playing, even in our modern, non-Christian society! I also enjoy old movies like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life.

What kind of special goodies do you make in December? I make Cranberry Bliss Bars to take to parties, and I make Monkey Bread on Christmas morning.

Favorite Christmas beverage?  Eggnog! Nobody makes a sugar-free version, but I found a recipe for one years ago in Taste of Home that is a good-enough substitute. It at least gives me a little taste for the holidays.

How many Christmas parties do you usually attend?  Usually only 2 - our annual Ladies' Christmas Fellowship and our church-wide party.

Do you go Christmas caroling? Does anyone come Christmas caroling to your house? Some years our church goes caroling, but we aren't going this year. We've never had anyone come caroling to our house.

What’s on your front door at Christmas? I don't have anything on my front door, because we live in a condo and our front door is inside the building. We do have a string of twinkling stars and a couple of small tree with white lights on our balcony, however. We're enjoying them!

When do you put the tree up and take it down? In years past we didn't put up the tree till after Samuel's birthday, but now that the children are all grown and out of the house, we've been putting it up sometime right after American Thanksgiving. This year we put it up the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! We take it down on New Year's Day, usually, but this year I'm taking it down the day after Christmas, as we're leaving New Year's Eve to visit our children.

Do you decorate with traditional red and green or with other colors? I love dark red, so I like to use that as my main color, with lots of other colors thrown in. My favorite decorating motif right now is poinsettias. I have 3 poinsettia plants (2 fake and 1 real), and a set of poinsettia dishes.

How many Christmas trees do you put up (large and small?) Just one big tree and one miniature tree. I also have a ceramic Christmas tree cookie jar that I set on top of the fridge. 

Are your Christmas tree decorations themed or hodgepodge? Hodgepodge, for sure! We like lots of color and variety.

Ham, turkey, both, or something else for Christmas dinner? When I'm cooking the Christmas dinner, it's ham. For the past few years, though, we've been going to friends' house, and she has both a turkey and a ham with all the trimmings.

Favorite ham leftovers? Scalloped Potatoes With Ham. This recipe is for the basic scalloped potatoes; just add layers of ham as you layer the potatoes and sauce.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that are unusual, out of the ordinary? I don't think so. We like to ride around and look at Christmas lights, and we have Christmas music playing most of the time. I make Monkey Bread for our Christmas breakfast, and we read Luke 2 on Christmas morning. Pretty plain!

Do you display Christmas cards in particular way? I just set them on a shelf. We get very few actual cards anymore; most of our church family give the photocards that are popular, and I put all of them on the fridge with magnets and keep them up the whole year. Then I compare all the cards from past years to see how much children have grown, etc. It's lots of fun!

What do you do with the Christmas cards you received after the holidays are over? I keep them. I'm terribly sentimental! I would love to make the banner that Mrs. T made. I'm still considering doing that this year, yet.

Christmas newsletters: Love ‘em or hate ‘em? I love them, but I have some family members who hate them. I really enjoy hearing what's new in friends' lives each year, even if I already know. I just love getting real mail, actually! So if you want to send me one, I'd love it!

Day 17 Scripture:

"And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night." Luke 2:8


  1. I love the decorations on your balcony! That banner is such a neat idea. I enjoyed reading your answers - thanks for playing along!

    1. Thanks for posting it on your blog! I enjoyed doing it.


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