Thursday, April 14, 2011

He Died

Since we started running our bus program on Wednesday nights, we've had continual growth of our bus route. We've gotten lots of positive feedback from parents. Our Tuesday night bus calling consists of dividing into several teams of two and visiting each rider's house, checking to see if the rider is coming the next night (or reminding the parents/child that we're coming on Wednesday night), and taking a minute or two to talk to the parents and get to know them a bit.We actually get to visit with them more on Tuesday night bus calling than we did on Saturday mornings. I think that has to do with their being less busy with extra things on Tuesday nights. On Saturdays, they're trying to get all the weekend things done, like running errands, cleaning house or working in the yard, and just don't have the time to stand and talk when we knock on the door.

So we're thrilled to see the growth in our attendance. But more than numerical growth, we're interested in the souls of the children we bring to church. We consistently teach Bible stories and sing songs that emphasize the Gospel and the need for every person to make a personal decision to accept Jesus as Savior. During the month of March, we had two children on our bus route make the decision to be saved. As our ministry assistant's wife, Sarah, was dealing with one girl, after she accepted Christ this little girl wondered aloud if her dad had ever heard about Jesus and getting saved. Sarah gently suggested that the little girl ask him when she got home. The little girl looked up at her and said simply, "He died."

Those two words have gone through my mind over and over the past two weeks. We never know when it will be too late. Who can you reach in your neighborhood? I read this article about winning your friends to Christ last night. The author has some excellent advice on winning people to Christ through friendship. I'm not a "natural" soul-winner; I'm pretty timid about approaching people. But we can't stand by while people die without at least hearing the Gospel once. I'm praying that the Lord will make me a more confident, bolder witness.

"He died."

What more motivation do we need?


  1. That's quite the motivation!

  2. What a touching story. I am the product of a bus ministry. I was invited to attend church with neighbors when I was six years old, and to their credit my parents (who have always been antagonistic toward Christianity) permitted me to attend. After my neighbors moved away, I continued to attend using the bus ministry. It was a great blessing to me and I am thankful for it to this day.

  3. Deb ~ It IS motivating!

    Miss Linda ~ What a testimony! I've met many people who were saved through the bus ministry. It's always worth it!


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