Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I Think I Can!

The girls who host the Friday Night Sew-In are having TWO sew-ins during December! I'll be joining the one on December 17th. I'm excited, because my craft room is in the process of being set up and I think it might just be finished by the 17th! The first Sew-In is on the 10th, if you would like to join in one or both, but I can't do that one 'cause we're having a party at the church. I'm not sure yet what I'll work on. I'm not making any Christmas gifts (like I plan to every year and never do!), but I've seen some cute Christmasy things online the past couple of weeks that I'd like to try. Or maybe I'll make a Coffee Filter Wreath - another one, actually, as I'm halfway finished with my first one. I love it! So pretty and ruffly! I'll show you pictures when I finish it.

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