Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Week in Words

Welcome to The Week In Words, where we share quotes from the last week’s reading. If something you read this past week  inspired you, caused you to laugh, cry, think, dream, or just resonated with you in some way, please share it with us, attributing it to its source, which can be a book, newspaper, blog, Facebook — anything that you read. More information is here.
It's been quite a few weeks since I've participated in Barbara's The Week in Words! This week I'm sharing two quotes that came through my email inbox via This Day's Thought.

The rule that governs my life is this:  Anything that dims my vision of Christ, or takes away my taste for Bible study, or cramps my prayer life, or makes Christian work difficult, is wrong for me, and I must, as a Christian, turn away from it.  This simple rule may help you find a safe road for your feet along life’s road.

J. Wilbur Chapman

I think I've read that one before, but it especially spoke to my heart this time. How often we have to pull back and take a look to see what things we need to turn away from - even good things - if they are hindering our walk with Christ. 

Do not, therefore, please yourself with thinking how piously you would act and submit to God in a plague, a famine, or persecution, but be intent upon the perfection of the present day, and be assured that the best way of showing a true zeal is to make little things the occasion of great piety.

William Law

I like to think I would be strong and faithful in a trial, but if I am not strong and faithful in little things every day, it's sure that I wouldn't be in trials!

Finally, on a lighter note . . . 

My life is one long obstacle course with me as the chief obstacle.

 Jack Paar

'Nough said on that one! 


  1. The first two are good advice and practical wisdom. Making sure we have our focus and priorities in place seems to need constant adjusting.

    Smiling at the last one!

  2. It's been my experience that it takes constant adjusting, and that's not always easy to do. Takes vigilance!


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