Monday, September 27, 2010

The Week in Words

Good Monday morning!

Joining in with Barbara for The Week in Words. The Lord blessed me with a couple of thoughts during my devotions this morning, and those are what I'll share with you today.

First, from F.B. Meyer's devotional:
"Do not try to do a great thing, or you may waste all your life waiting for the opportunity which may never come. But since little things are always claiming your attention, do them as they come from a great motive, for the glory of God and to do good to men. No such action, no matter how trivial, goes without the swift recognition and the ultimate recompense of Christ." 

and . . .

"Dare to be yourself -- a simple, humble, sincere follower of Jesus, and it may be said also of you: "He or she did no miracle, but by life and word spoke true things about Jesus Christ, whcih we have tested for ourselves. Indeed, they led us to believe in Christ for ourselves."

From This Day's Thought last Thursday:
From the greatest of all gifts, salvation in Christ, to the material blessings of any ordinary day (hot water, a pair of legs that work, a cup of coffee, a job to do and strength to do it), every good gift comes down from the Father of Lights.  Every one of them is to be received gladly and, like gifts people give us, with thanks.  Sometimes we want things we were not meant to have.  Because He loves us, the Father says no.  Faith trusts that no.  Faith is willing not to have what God is not willing to give.  Furthermore, faith does not insist upon an explanation.  It is enough to know His promise to give what is good- He knows so much more about that than we do.

Elizabeth Elliot
 This quote is very relevant for me right now. I am learning so much about faith and surrender right now - faith to trust God when He says no, willing not to have what God is not willing to give, and to not insist upon an explanation! 


  1. I didn't know you were going through Meyer's devotional! Or if I did, I forgot. I shared the same top quote today! Maybe we needed the emphasis of seeing it at both our places.

    That last one is indeed a challenge. I can accept that His "No" answers are truly a blessing, though we don't often see or realize that for a while (part of taking it by faith, I guess!) But it takes a while, for me, for the feelings to catch up with what I know, and to put aside the desire for an explanation. But the more we trust Him, the less gap there would be, I think, between what we know and what we feel.

  2. I am not sure if my signing in on my previous comment went through -- as I was commenting on the above post I got to thinking I am note sure if I put my password in the place of the url -- or maybe I accidentally hit the sign-in spot for Google instead of Open ID. Anyway -- wanted to let you know that was me if something came through looking strange! Unless you get something else in that also looks strange. :-)

  3. I love all your quotes. I copied down the Elizabeth Elliot one to re-read later as I think more about the gifts of grace that God gives us. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Barbara ~ I am hit and miss with Meyer's devotionals. I switch between him and Oswald Chambers. I can understand and apply Meyer a little easier, I think. I didn't get a chance to read your quotes this morning, so I didn't know you had used the same one I did till just now. Yes, I can always use that quote; I have a hard time remembering the miracles in the small things.

    Lisa ~ I'm glad they were a blessing to you, and hope the Elliot one continues to be as you think on it! :)


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