Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wednesday in the Word: Delight

This devotion was cross-posted at KJV Blog Directory. I apologize for being MIA lately! Every time I try to get my groove back, something else comes along to knock it out of whack! Thanks for sticking around! I'm working on getting pictures loaded of our sons' visit and various other happenings of our summer.

"Delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
Psalm 37:4

What's your favorite way to relax? I love to curl up with a book (although I'm not quite as limber as I used to be, and curling up leaves me stiff!) and read for a couple of hours. I also like to have the entire house quiet, with the only sound that of soft music. I especially love soft instrumental bluegrass; something about the mandolin and fiddle and guitar just soothes my heart. Another favorite way to relax is in a nice, warm bubble bath. My husband has learned that I'm mush after a soaking bath. Just stick me with a fork, 'cause I'm done for the day! I take delight in the warm water and soft scent of the bubble bath; all the frustrations of the day melt away; and my mind and body relax and prepare for healing rest.

Did you know that God wants us to luxuriate in Him? In Psalm 37:4, one of the meanings of the word delight is "to luxuriate." God invites us to not only read His Word and talk to Him, but to also bathe our minds and hearts in His Word, delight in being with Him, enjoy the scent of His presence, relax in His love and care . . . doesn't that sound so comforting? 

God included a promise in this verse also: "Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." When I was younger, I always applied that verse with me in mind - if I delight in God, He'll give me what I want. But one day I heard the other side of that coin . . . when I delight in the Lord, He gives me the desires I should have! How much better than selfishly desiring only my own way! We can live at odds with the Lord, always wanting our own way, or we can allow Him to change our desires to line up with what He wants for us. Kind of like rubbing a cat's fur the wrong way. The cat can get all riled up about his fur being rumpled up . . . or he can turn himself around and have his fur all smoothed out and sleek again! ;)

Here are some other things to delight in:

God's will - Psalm 40:8
God's commands - Psalm 112:1
God's goodness - Nehemiah 9:25
God's comforts - Psalm 94:19
God Himself - Isaiah 58:15
Peace - Psalm 37:11
The Lord's Day - Isaiah 58:13,14
God's way - Psalm 37:23

I hope you'll take a few minutes each day to luxuriate in the Lord. Take a little more time during your devotions, spend a few extra minutes in prayer, meditate on Him during the day . . . delight in Him!


  1. Great thoughts, Susan. I have applied that verse the same way too. If you go to the following verse, the Bible tells you how to get those desires that God gives you. :)

  2. Enjoyed this devotion. Thanks! Gail

  3. That is one of my favorite verses. Thanks for the lesson. :o)

  4. You're so right, Tammy! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Gail ~ I'm glad you enjoyed it - thanks for stopping by!

    Debbie ~ It's a favorite of mine too!

  5. Do you listen to any music from the Steve Pettit team from Northland Baptist College (though I think they changed the name to Northland International University now)? They play that kind of music. Their CDs are some of my favorites.

    Love these thoughts.

  6. Barbara, I've heard of the Petitts, but I don't have any of their music. From what I've heard, I think I'd enjoy it!


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