Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Are You Bored?


I found a book recently that caught my attention, The Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. I've always had an interest in Britain's royal family, and I've especially admired the Queen Mother (who is now deceased) because of her charm, warmth, and dignity, so this book sparked my interest right away. As I was reading about her early life, the author was relating information about the Queen Mother's own mother, pictured on the right in 1923, who was apparently quite an amazing woman. She used to tell her children,
"Life is for living and working at. If you find anything or anybody a bore, the fault is in yourself."
What a lesson to us in these days! The Queen Mother was born in 1900, 110 years ago, yet her mother's words are still applicable today. If I find life boring, or the people around me boring, it's not their fault; it is mine!

Are you bored today? Get up and live! Work at finding interesting things to do. Look at your children. They are definitely not boring! Look around your home at all the little things you could do to make it a haven for your family, no matter what kind of house you live in. Think about the meals you cook - all the possibilities before you in making a variety of meals for your family.

Outside your home, seek out people you can help or encourage. Come out of your shell and smile at the person behind you in the grocery line. Ask her how's she doing today. Stop and talk to your neighbor as she waters her flowers. Call the elderly shut-in lady from your church to see if she needs anything while you run your errands. There are too many people who just need a kind word for us to be bored!

As you read your Bible, look for passages that can apply specifically to you as a woman. They don't have to say "the wife" or "the mother" or "the woman;" their principles can be applied to you. Read something that has eternal value to you - a book on Christian womanhood, soul-winning, or holiness - even if it's just five minutes.

Refuse to be bored; learn to be content. Be thankful for all the interesting things and people in your life!

"Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice . . . for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content." Philippians 4:4,11
Photo courtesy of Life; permission granted for personal, non-commercial use.


  1. Hi Susan,
    Great Post. I am never bored . There is always something to do around here. I have friends that say all the time I am bored and I get it.

  2. My mother always said that boredom was a lack of character. We also learned real fast that if we said we were bored she would put us right to work!!!!!!

    I don't have time to be bored!!! Great post!!!

  3. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can ever be bored -- there are so many interesting things to do!!!

  4. Enjoyed your post. I do have times of boredom, but you are right there are so many options I can fill that time with.

  5. Good post, Susan! My thought is that there is absolutely NO TIME to be bored! I need more hours in the week to get all my fun things done!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I know, we don't have time to be bored very often, do we?! Praise the Lord for full, busy, interesting lives!

  7. Excellent post. I'll have to remember that quote for these teenagers I see constantly saying on the fb status that they are bored!


  8. This was *excellent* Susan!

  9. I just found your blog, and I like it! I especially enjoyed this post. As your other commenters have stated, I'm too busy to be bored!!

  10. One of my favorite lines from a movie is from Braveheart, when William Wallace is in prison and he is soon to be executed. He says: Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

    That was an eye-opener for me. We must always be redeeming the time for life is short and we only have one chance to live it.

  11. Welcome to my blog, Nikki!

    Thanks to all of you who commented on this post. It isn't the "usual" in devotional writing, but I felt it was a valuable thought. Thank you all for reading!


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