Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday in the Word: Opportunity

When I was about 15, my uncle and aunt, who lived near San Diego, invited me to fly from my home in Tennessee to visit with them for a couple of weeks that summer. I dearly loved them and wanted to see them, but I'd never flown before, and - this was the biggie - there had been a rash of hijackings already that year. I just knew my plane would be hijacked! Plus I wouldn't get back home till the day after school started in my town, and we all know how important kids consider the first day of school, especially when compared to the fun of visiting a favored uncle and aunt. You know that was said facetiously, right?! So I turned down their invitation, much to their and my parents' amazement. As I look back now, I see what an opportunity I missed: the chance to fly for the first time (I love to fly now), the chance the visit with my aunt, who passed away just a couple of years later (she wasn't sick at that time), the chance to have fun with my cousins, the chance to see all the attractions that southern California has to offer . . . the list could go on. My reasons for missing that trip were silly and based on fear, and I've often regretted not taking that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In my devotions, I use the book With the Word by Warren Wiersbe to supplement my daily Bible reading. In Matthew 26, Mr. Wiersbe commented on the many opportunities presented in that chapter. Here is an excerpt of his words:

Mary used the opportunity she had for expressing her devotion to Christ, but Judas used that same opportunity to criticize her . . . Jesus eagerly anticipated the opportunity to be with His disciples, even though He knew one would betray Him, one would deny Him , and all would forsake Him . . . Peter miss his opportunities to become strong and be a victor. He boasted when he should have listened, slept when he should have prayed, fought when he should have surrendered . . . But when the opportunity came for him to repent, he wept.

Each day, we're faced with many opportunities. Do I get up and have my devotions, or do I sleep in another 15 minutes? Do I stop to listen to what my children are saying, or do I put them off so I can get this one thing done? Do I turn in my husband's arms when comes behind me and give him a sweet kiss, or do I impatiently shrug him off so I can continue working? Do I get off the computer and accomplish my daily tasks, or do I visit just one more blog? Do I hand a tract to the cashier at the grocery store and invite her to church, or do I give in to fear and promise myself to give her one next time? Do I call that friend the Lord has put on my heart, or do I think she's probably busy and wouldn't want to hear from me anyway? Do I witness to that relative who needs the Lord, or do I worry that he or she might be offended if I speak to them about the Lord?

How we respond to opportunities depends on two things: what we love and what we look for in life. Jesus made the most of every opportunity. His secret was "not my will, but thine, be done." What opportunities will you face today? Who do you love that will cause you to make the most of your opportunities? What are you looking for in life that will make you choose the best over that which is merely good? Use your opportunities wisely today!


  1. Great post! Gotta seize those opportunities He gives us.

  2. Sometimes it's hard to see them as opportunities, isn't it?!


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