Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Thanks ~ Thursday

Giving Thanks

Happy Thursday! I have been so busy all day that I've just now turned on my computer! It's rare that I wait this late in the day to at least check email and read a few blogs. For my Giving Thanks entry for today, I wanted to show you what I was working on all morning. I decluttered and reorganized the bookshelves in our living room and cleaned up our entry hall. It looks so much better now! Both areas had been needing some attention, and the holiday season gave me the motivation to get it done.

Here are before pictures. It's bad!

This is just inside our front door. Can you believe the stuff that is piled here? And the first impression someone gets of my home? The box of stuff on the left was just put there yesterday - going to the Salvation Army - but the rest of it has been there a while!

This is our overloaded bookcase. What a mess! My husband didn't like all the stuff that was just piled in there. It does look awful.

Andrew caught me coming around the corner. This after all the work is done, so I am happy. Otherwise I'd probably have fussed at him for taking my picture like that! ;)

Much better first impression! Except that my rugs don't match, but that can't be helped right now. We had to put a runner in the hall because the floor was getting scuffed. I want to get a mat to match the runner - someday.

Much better! I got rid of a box full of books, threw away dozens of old magazines (put them in the recycling bag), and rearranged what was left. I also decorated the top to make it look nicer.

Check Kelli's Giving Thanks series to see what other ladies are doing to get ready for Thanksgiving next week!


  1. Looks great!

    I'm always amazed at how used to clutter I can get if I have a pile of something somewhere. Your brain just ignores it!

  2. Oh, Tammy, I am SO bad at not seeing the clutter when I see it every day. Taking the pictures really helped me see it through someone else's eyes.

  3. Great work, Susan! I love the decorations on top of the bookcase.

    I need to go attack some clutter myself...

  4. You did a wonderful job tidying everything up, Susan! Thank you for joining in this week!


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