Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who Am I?

I am under 45 years old

I love the outdoors

I hunt

I am a Republican reformer

I have taken on the Republican Party establishment

I have many children

I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with
less than two years in the governor's office

Who am I?

I am Teddy Roosevelt


  1. I LOVE Teddy Roosevelt!

  2. Hi Susan, just stopped by to tell you we had Bro. David Wiebe present his ministry on Sunday evening. When I mentioned your name, and started to say how I knew you, he said, "through her blog" LOL Guess your blog is famous!

  3. Deborah, that man constantly teases me about my blog! LOL His wife is his redeeming quality, and those little girls are beautiful! ;) But he's a mess.

    Mrs. Fink, it's so good to see you! Congrats on that new grandson!

  4. LOL, you had me going there for a minute! I was thinking Palin at first.

  5. Bingo! Andrew read this to Beth and me, and the whole time we're saying "Palin! Palin!" and thinking how crazy to have a riddle so obvious. We were both shocked when he said TR at the end. I was hoping somebody would get it! LOL


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