Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Favorite Sunday School Resources

Welcome to Sunday School
Welcome to Sunday School

After I wrote about my favorite homeschooling resources, a friend of mine asked if I had any good - and free - Sunday school resources. I had already been thinking about getting a list of those together, so I took that as my cue to get on with it. Thanks, Debbie!

I almost forgot - any of these sites would be great for homeschool resources too. Teaching is teaching, and these resources are Bible-based! And speaking of Bible-based, please be aware that I do not necessarily agree doctrinally with all these sites. Please use with discretion and in accordance with your doctrinal convictions - and give me the benefit of the doubt if you find something you don't agree with. I use these places as resources - not as my personal doctrinal guides.
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship - I use CEF's lessons for our Sunday school. I have taught completely through the Bible with them since we began our church. CEF has Bible lessons, missionary stories, seasonal lessons, devotionals, visuals for all the lessons, and song visuals - great resource!
  • MSSS Crafts and Resources for Bible Stories - the first place I go when looking for activities or color sheets to go with my lesson - has Old and New Testament lessons with ideas for object lessons, crafts, songs, activities for each one for Primaries through Juniors
  • DLTK's Bible Activities - another go-to for activities, this is a goldmine of printables, games, coloring sheets, and more - great for homeschooling too
  • Calvary Chapel Curriculum - this site is great! Again, I don't agree with everything doctrinally, but there are some good training resources here, as well as good lessons. I use their color sheets almost every week, using my own verses at the bottom of the page. I love their training manual and seminars - I've printed out several of their pages for my personal use to learn to be a better teacher.
  • Learn the Bible Sunday School - I haven't used much from here, but it's a fundamental Baptist resource. I know the pastor's wife of this church!
  • The Character Journal - this isn't necessarily Sunday school material per se, but it would make a great addition to class each week, a little extra teaching to help children learn good character traits - I love it!


  1. That is the sweetest picture of Sunday School. It reminds me of when I was a child!

    I just love allposters for good illistrations to my posts...btw...let me know if you want an invite over to my blog...I would love having you!☺

  2. Why did I not use spell check???

  3. Hey that's a great list. You know I use 4 of those now in Croatia for SS and Calvary Chapel has some great resources. Thanks for the other links .

    Yes we were at Countryside Baptist in Mansfield when the whole Santa scandal happened. Way too funny, he was surely famous for a while. How dare he tell the truth???

  4. Thank you again for great resources! The character journal is just what I needed. We are starting a Master Clubs this fall, and we want to focus on two character traits each month.

  5. Tammy - I chose that picture for exactly that reason - it reminded me of when I was a little girl! And yes, I would love to visit your blog!

    Tori - I figured that others probably had pretty much the same list of sites that I do. I really like the CC site - I just change the verses to KJV. I didn't know y'all had gone to church down in Mansfield. That was so long ago now! Bro. Mickey is not one to back down from controversy! ;)

    Deborah, I knew the Character Journal would be perfect for something like the Master Clubs. I'm glad you can use it!

  6. Susan...I will send an invitation to the email you have listed.

    Be sure to come by today as I have something for you!♥

  7. Susan, good bible school resources. I will suggest this to the pastor's wife who is in-charge of the sunday school for kids.

    God bless...


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