Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's a Mom's Ministry?

Many of you probably read this blog entry on Biblical Womanhood today. I saw it and it just absolutely rang so true for me. I remember being asked a couple of times on deputation, "So what will YOUR ministry be, Susan?" I always answered that my #1 priority would be the ministry of being Wesley's wife, then Sam, Andrew, and Beth's mom. After that, I'd be doing whatever Wes needed me to do, such as teach, play piano, etc. Even if you're not in full-time ministry, you should read this article by missionary-wife Joy. I ask, along with Joy, "Where did we get the idea that to be a godly woman we must participate in all church activities, as well as lead as many of them as we possibly can? There's this idea that doing "ministry" can only take place outside the home, and that only "real" ministry can be done when the husband and kids are out of the way." The highest ministry we can have as women is to be a help meet for the man we married and mother to his children! I'm not saying you can't ever do any other kind of ministry if you have children at home, but I do believe that you and your husband should be on the same page about any ministries you are involved in, and that your family must remain your first priority. Joy gives some great ideas to get started in making your family your ministry and blessing others as a result!

You can read Joy's entire guest post here.

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  1. Your post was REALLY good! Amen sister, Amen! I will go and see the other post.


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