Saturday, April 05, 2008

Addicted to Your Children

Here's another outline from the ladies' conference I attended last month. This session was taught by Mrs. Krysten Vestal, whose husband is on staff of Grand View Baptist Church in Beavercreek, OR. She was raised in a very strongly Christian family, and she and her husband are now raising their children in the same type of family. She had some very good points about addicting ourselves to our children, and she was also very easy to follow and takes notes from! ;) I even made this one into a real outline!

An addiction is what you think about in your spare time

I. Desire to care for your children

A. Make Christ the center of your home

B. Love your children

1. Love = Time

2. Live in the moment

C. Correct your children

II. Desire to protect your children

A. Protect them from physical harm

B. Protect them from spiritual harm

1. Read the Bible

2. Memorize the Bible

3. Sing spiritual songs

4. Provide for clean mind, mouth, and heart

III. Desire to prepare your children for life

A. Teach them to work

B. Teach them to love God

1. Serve God without complaining

2. Be full-time Christians

C. Teach them to apply themselves academically

IV. Desire to produce for God

A. Work alongside your children in the ministry

B. Take your children soulwinning with you -Teach your children the blessings of ministry

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