Friday, December 07, 2007

A Proud Mind vs. a Humble Mind

I receive Daily in the Word, the daily devotional written by Dr. Paul Chappell of Lancaster Baptist Church, through my Bloglines reader each morning. The Lord used today's devotion to especially speak to my heart. As I read the following list of characteristics for each mindset, He pricked my heart on several points concerning the proud mind. I had to spend a few minutes in prayer, asking the Lord to root out the pride that so often characterizes my thoughts and actions during the day, and to please replace those with "the mind of Christ," a humble mind. It was high time to get real! You can read the entire devotion here.
A Proud Mind
God gave me great abilities, and I know how they can best be used.
I doubt God by wondering why others are preferred or blessed before me.
I accept praise for a job well done.
I never ask for help. Instead I find a way to do a project on my own, even if this means with the wrong spirit, wrong heart, or wrong motive.
I am aggressive, arrogant, boastful, and vain.
I say, “Me first.”
I welcome anger and bring up the past.
I wonder when God is going to bless me next.
“God resisteth the proud,”—1 Peter 5:5

A Humble Mind
I know greatness is not in me, it is Christ working through me.
I praise God when others are preferred or blessed before me.
I accept responsibility for my mistakes and deflect any praise of success to my Lord.
I ask for help when I know I cannot do a project on my own.
I am courteous and respectful of others no matter their position in life.
I say, “No, you first, my friend.”
I dissipate anger and heal old wounds.
I look for ways to bless others.
“God…giveth grace to the humble.”—1 Peter 5:5


  1. Oh this was very lovely. I followed the link. Thank you!!

  2. Barbara H.1:16 PM

    This is incredibly convicting -- and just what I needed.

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  3. I too receive these...and boy this one spoke to my heart this morning.
    Thanks for's a keeper.

  4. very good. I have been curious about bloglines. I do not understand all the technology out there, what is it exactly? DONT LAUGH I have lived in the jungle for a long time and dont know this stuff!

  5. This is wonderful, Susan! Thank you for posting it.


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