Thursday, October 04, 2007

Edify One Another

A couple of months ago, I began using the devotional booklet Baptist Bread for my personal devotions. I've also been using the Bible-reading plan included in the devotions, because my chronological reading just wasn't going well, plain and simple. Now I read the morning passage listed in Baptist Bread, then at our family devotions we read the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to the day's date. Which brings me to what I wanted to say! LOL

On August 14th, the Scripture passage for the morning was Romans 14, and the Proverbs reading was chapter 14. I like to write down a verse each day that particularly speaks to me, and on this morning I wrote down Romans 14:19, which teaches us not to judge what another servant is doing, but to "follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another." To edify means to instruct and improve the mind in knowledge generally, and particularly in moral and religious knowledge, in faith and holiness (Webster's 1828 Dictionary). In the Strong's Concordance, the word edify carries the connotation of building (our English word edifice is similar). So instead of looking to judge another and tear them down, we should be looking for ways to build them up, to teach them faith and holiness.

When I turned to Proverbs 14 that morning, the first verse of that chapter begins, ""Every wise woman buildeth her house . . . " What a practical example of what I'd just read in Romans 14! The very first priority we have as wives and/or mothers is the building up (teaching faith and holiness), edifying of our children and the encouragement of our husbands to faith and holiness! I understand that we are to train our children, and that involves tearing down their sinful behavior and attitudes, but the flip side of that coin is building them up by teaching them correct behavior and attitudes. And how often do I tear my husband down with even just a look, when I should be building him up? With something as simple as a look that says, "I trust you" I can build him up, not to mention the words I say to him and the prayers I pray for him. I want to be a wise woman, edifying the ones closest to me, building them up in faith and holiness. What a privilege to have such a strong influence on their lives!


  1. Amen, Susan. That was so good. I'm constantly reminding myself when I discipline my children to find something to praise them for. And that goes for Bruce too. Well, I don't discipline Bruce *hehe*, but when there is something we disagree on, I always try to let him know how much I love him and what a great leader in our home he is. He wasn't always that way. I used to nag something terrible. But I remember reading Cindy Schapp's book, "A Wife's Purpose" and she was talking about nagging your husband and how it NEVER works. She said to just pray for them. When I started doing that, he began to take the reigns for the family. And he's done such a great job as a Christian father and husband. He didn't have that example growing up. So I try to praise him often and thank him for being a man of God and trying to follow the steps of the Saviour.

    No one does well when they're constantly being beat down and never praised or edified.

    We use the Baptist Bread also. Our church has them available. I love the fact that they have men like Paul Chappell, Tom Malone, and Tom Wallace writing for them.

  2. Thank you, Susan for this reminder. I don't edify my husband and children enough. The move is very hard on our family right now but I trust the Lord will see us through.

  3. Wow what a fantastic reminder for women of faith. What better thing could we do for our families?

  4. Kristi, I have Mrs. Schaap's book, too. I remember reading that about nagging. My former pastor always said to pray for our husbands, because God has a bigger hammer than we do! ;) Seriously, when I began to pray instead of nag, changes happened. It worked!

    Deanna, I know how moves can be! I hope you're settled in soon and things settle down. Keep on going!

    Lovella, it's easy sometimes to lose sight of the most important things, isn't it? I have to constantly remind myself to focus on the important things!

  5. Ouch Susan,
    I needed that. Thanks for the reminder.Dave put something in the post to you today. Hope it doesn't take as long as the last package.

  6. Well, Amen! Thanks Susan this is a great post!

  7. Elizabeth - I needed it, too! I usually post things like this that have been the most meaninggul for me, hoping they'll be a help to someone else. I'll be looking in my mailbox! ;)

    Sarah - I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're always such a blessing to me!


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