Monday, January 01, 2007

More Quiet Time with the Lord

In addition to the Bible-reading schedules Wes printed off for our church family, he also bought some devotional guides. Each person in our family is using them, and they are available for our church members to use too. He learned of these daily journals through Reformers Unanimous, a Christ-centered addictions program that operates through local Baptist churches.
He has used their materials to help men with addictions, and he was really impressed with their "It's Personal" Daily Journal. It's a quarterly journal with 90 days' pages of daily Bible time, time with God's teachers (preachers and Christian authors), personal prayer time, time with Christian friends (encouragement for you and them), and a place to write down conviction or leading of the Holy Spirit. You use your own Bible-reading plan, listen to sermons or read godly authors, spend time in prayer and work out what you're learning each day by applying it to your life. I'm so excited to have such an in-depth guide for growing in the Lord! I hope to share bits of what I learn and how the Lord works in my life this year.

Just wanted to say I'm not emplyed by RU or getting any money from them for promoting their materials. Wes and I believe they have a good program, a Biblical program, and I'm just passing that on to you!

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  1. The journal sounds nice. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of one!


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