Friday, November 03, 2006

Which End?

Which end of the ironing board do you use? Before I was married (and my family still does) I used the narrow, rounded end. But when I got married, Wes used the wide end. Since it was always turned that way, I started using the wide end too. And now . . . I can't imagine using the narrow end!

I was watching 20/20 tonight, and they were interviewing men and women who were training to be household managers for the rich and famous. In one segment, the instructor tells his students to "always, always, always use the wide end of the ironing board." Ironing on the wide end allows you to cover more surface area of the item you're working on, which makes the work go quicker. I thought it was pretty neat that I've been doing that for 22 years!

So how about you? Which end of the board do you use? Would you consider switching to the wide end? I'm a member of a women's online forum, and we had this discussion several months ago. Most of the ladies thought I was nutso for using the wide end, and they wouldn't even consider trying it, even once! LOL But now I have the proof. The experts said it on TV, so it must be true. ;)

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  1. I have always, always, always used the wide end! (well, I've used the narrow end a few times for some skinny things, but not on a regular basis) I didn't know there actually were people who used the narrow end, lol! Interesting survey, Susan :P

  2. Oh, my. I've never even heard of using the wide end! Who would have considered doing it that way??!! LOL! I use the narrow end and could never imagine myself changing.

    Wouldn't the iron have less chance of falling off and burning the carpet if it has a wider space on which to sit? And doesn't it feel like you're ironing backwards? LOL!

    Interesting and actually the first time I ever thought about it!

  3. When I had been married about one year a lady in our Sunday School class was telling me how her "crazy" husband ironed on the wide end because the shoulders of his dress shirt fit right over the corner. Having a military husband whose uniforms I ironed daily -- it was light bulb moment for me crazy or not! I've been a wide end gal ever since ;o) - that would be about 20 years! (Great survey idea!)

  4. Now, can't believe everything you hear on TV! :o) LOL, Just kidding...

    Actually, it's funny that you brought this up, because a lady told me earlier this week that she uses the wide end of the board. I've always used the skinny end, but using the wider end makes sense to me! Don't know why I never thought of it! :)

    Now I can't wait to iron I can try out the wide end of my board. Woo-hoo! If only ironing was *always* this anticipated. ;)

  5. Tonja8:56 AM

    My ironing board hangs on the back of the door and only the skinny end is available so, guess I can't try it. But, if I could I guess I would at least try it :o)

  6. I knew this would be fun! LOL I also knew that there would be those who would never use the wide end (come on, Deb!), but I never suspected there would be some who had not heard of using the narrow end. Interesting, Arlene!

    To answer your question about the iron falling off, Deb, it has fallen off once or twice, but usually when I was moving the ironing board or when the kids were small and they bumped it (the iron was off and didn't hit them in the head!). I don't feel like I'm ironing backwards unless I iron on the narrow end. ;) I do use the narrow end for small things, like when I'm sewing - the wide end doesn't work very well for the smaller areas like collars and sleeves.

    My husband was AF for 10 years, Jodi, and we've both ironed plenty of uniforms, and now, being a preacher, he has plenty of dress shirts to iron too. The shoulders just slide right onto that wide end - makes much more sense to me, too!

    Rachel - let us know how your ironing goes! And you know that it MUST be true if it's on TV - LOL - that's why I included that at the end! ;)

  7. Tonja, I've considered getting one of those that hang over the door, but the one thing that has always stopped me is that I would be able to use the wide end. Well, that and the lack of money! LOL

  8. Well, I tried it, really I did...and it didn't work for me! =)

  9. I've never even thought of using the narrow end!! I was amazed to hear that anybody did! You can cover a wider area this way. I do occasionally use the narrow end for fiddly bits, but never for the main areas.

  10. As a life principle, I do not iron.


  11. Well....I use the narrow end for doing skirts...they fit right over the end and I can iron the entire length of the skirt. I also use that end to iron the top part of my husband and son's pants. Then I use the wide end for doing blouses and shirts. That is how I iron. I had to teach myself...I didn't have anyone to show me.

  12. I LOVE using the wide end! It covers way more.

    And to keep my iron from falling off I set it on another table, not my ironing board because it seemed to want to fall off no matter which end it sat on.


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