Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Week of Dresses

Candy is once again challenging us to post pictures of a week of wearing dresses. I joined in last summer, so I won't do another week, but I will put links here so you can see my week of wearing dresses. Nope, I didn't wear them for just that week; I wear them all the time! Yes! Every day! So many ladies are interested in the why's and how's of switching over to wearing dresses all the time that doing these pictures kind of gives them an idea of how to go about their daily tasks wearing dresses. We live so much in the present that we don't even realize that our foremothers (is that a word?) would not have dreamed of putting on a pair of pants, save for maybe going out to help their husbands in the fields or some other such emergency. My Granny grew up on a north Georgia farm, and the only time she ever wore pants in her 88 years of life was to pick cotton as a young girl, and even then her Daddy only let her wear them to the field and back to the house to put on a dress. Anyway, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did far heavier work than we would face in a year's time . . . in dresses . . . yet we feel that we can't even mop a floor with a dress on, and we don't even have to bend over to wring out the mop! So here are the links to the pictures I posted last summer. These are also listed in my sidebar to the left. I hope you'll enjoy them . . . and maybe be a little inspired to try it yourself or encouraged to keep on!



  1. Susan what a blessing this post is! I am now 26 years old and quit wearing pants when I was 19, about 6 months after coming to Christ. My convictions were not those of the church I was attending at the time, I got them from the Bible. I wish I could add to your picture collection some pics of me after our hurricane Ivan in 2004. I was lifting and dragging very large limbs, driving a tractor, operating a chain saw ... all in an ankle-length dress. Yes, it is possible to live everyday of your life in a dress, although shifting the gears on the tractor I admit was sort of difficult. :P

  2. Hi, Elizabeth! I'm sorry I didn't say anything concerning your comment (I usually try to do that if I can), but I didn't even realize a comment was here till now. Blogger is supposed to send me an e-mail when someone comments, but I didn't get this one.

    So . . . I'm glad that you wrote about your experience with dresses. I went to your blog and enjoyed what I read there - I will be going back! Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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