Saturday, October 01, 2005

Created To Be His Helpmeet Revisited

I got this book a couple of months ago, and I still haven't finished reading it. In my original post about the book, I stated that I had read and heard nothing but good about it. Well, that has changed. Now I've seen positive and negative about it, and as I'm reading it, I'm seeing a few things that raise my eyebrows. So I've decided to ask my online friends at Women at the Well, who have read the book, to send me some reviews of their own. These are ladies with whom I talk every day, a great many of them every day for the past 2 1/2 years. Some I've met in person, and many I've developed close friendships with. We are likeminded when it comes to our faith, but we have varying opinions on quite a few things, including CTBHHM. I thought it would be a good idea to have them give me their take on the book, while I finish reading it myself and review either the entire book or each chapter. My desire is not to bash the Pearls, but neither is it to build them up. It's simply to take a look at it through my independent, KJV Baptist eyes (and my friends' eyes too). I'm looking forward to some stimulating reading!


  1. Well you know what I think. ;-)

    Have to comment about your friends. Aren't friends like that awesome??? I have an e-mail group that I've been a part of for wow, about 7 years now???? And I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've been blessed to meet several of the ladies on it, and the Lord has used them in mighty ways in my life. :-)

  2. No, Keer, what DO you think? ;)

    My friends online are an amazing group of ladies. We laugh (lots), cry, pray, study, and rejoice together. They were my lifeline while we were travelling to raise support for our ministry. They've been quite a blessing to me!


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