Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday's Modest Dress

Today is the last day for modest dress pictures! I've really enjoyed doing them, and I've put the posts all together under "A Week of Modest Dress" in the sidebar on the left.

Today I wore a top that I bought a few weeks ago. It's very low in the neck, so I wear a little sleeveless shell underneath. I knew the shell would match the top, or else I wouldn't have bought it. I wore denim again today, too, a skirt that I've had for a long time, but I love it.

We have Bible study in our home on Wednesday evenings, so I usually end up mopping the downstairs floors on Wednesday. That's what I'm doing in these pics.


  1. Sarah Joy10:20 PM

    Susan, I have really enjoyed your pics! What a blessing to see people not ashamed of living for Jesus, but doing it with joy and grace!
    God Bless!
    Sarah Joy

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM

    that top doesnt look very low cut at all!

  3. Hey Susan! I never get tired of looking at these "modest dress" pictures and posts! They were such an inspiration for me a couple of years ago as the LORD was teaching me to follow His Word in this area. Also, I have enjoyed my small freezer like yours. Remember, I saw yours in your pictures and messaged you concerning it. It really makes cooking easier having one right here in my kitchen with me! Hope everything is going well with you and your family. Still enjoy your blog:) I've also had one to graduate from College...he's looking for a job, living here at home again with us. One still in college and I'm still homeschooling my 9 yr. old! We love it! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new home. May the LORD continue to bless you and your family:)


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