Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday's Modest Dress

Today I gave in and wore the "homeschooler's uniform" - a denim jumper. This one is 2-3 years old and I've just about worn it because it's been so comfortable. The first picture is after my walk this morning. Three days a week I do some strength training with hand weights; nothing major, just a few exercises. They're working! I inherited both my grandmothers' large upper arms, and these exercises are helping to shape my upper arms, even though they're still a little . . . ummmm . . . fluffy. The last picture shows what I do with the clothes that are getting too big for me. I'm very (very) gradually losing weight, so when a dress or jumper gets too loose, I use a little tab thing to tighten up the back and keep it from looking so baggy. Saves having to buy new clothes until I really need them.


  1. That's a pretty jumper. And I like what you did with it, clipping it in the back like that. I'd love to wear dresses more. Thanks for posting your pics.

  2. Hi!
    I found your blog over at "My Blessed Home" in her modesty links section. I have been reading your week in modesty/dresses. I've enjoyed it very much.

    This particular post stopped me dead in my tracks however. I just love how you clipped the back of your dress with that little 'gadget thingy'.

    What is it?? Where did you get it??? I REALLY need one of my own. I've been trying to safety pin some of my dresses and it's just now working, as you might well imagine.

    Thanks for sharing your journey in modest dress. It has really encouraged me!


  3. Correction from my last comment...

    "I've been trying to safety pin some of my dresses and it's just NOT working, as you might well imagine."

    That word was supposed to be 'not', not 'now'.


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