Saturday, August 27, 2005

Continuing the Week in Modest Dress

Today I'll include some pictures of my whole family and one of our church folks. We've found that people who know us and support our ministry enjoy seeing the work we're doing. On most Saturdays we go out visiting in neighborhoods door-to-door.

Here, Wes and I are getting literature ready for handout to the homes we visit.

Beth and I are ready to go!

Heading off with my visitation partner. This lady is single and one of our most faithful people!

Samuel either coming or going to a door:

This picture finally has Andrew in it, acting like he's trying to talk me into letting him drive the car. I'm resting from walking up and down this hilly place!

And finally, the view we enjoyed this morning. North Vancouver is full of views like this one. We love it!


  1. I love what Candy has done...she has gotten alot to participate. I love it! I think you and those sharing your pictures of modest dressing are an inspiration to others...especially those who are unsure. Thank you for sharing!

    Love and God's Blessings,

  2. Susan...I have those same black sandals! LOL I wear them everywhere! I love them!


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