I'm Moving

No, we're not moving again!

After almost 10 years of blogging in the same place, my blog is moving.

My new address is www.susanhutchens.com

Yep. I have my own domain name. Seems a little prideful, but Wes has assured me it's fine. And when I look at my stats, the most common search term is "susan hutchens blog." So now it's named after me. Although I'm still calling it ByGrace.

I have several posts published already (just reposts from this blog to see how everything works at the new place), plus a welcome message waiting there this morning. I'm still working out all the bugs and kinks, but it's up and running. I hope you'll follow me over there. I'll be leaving this blog up for a while, but after today, all new posts will be at the new blog.

Come on over and see the new place!


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