Saturday, January 31, 2015

Worth the Read

I'm bringing back my not-so-faithfully-done feature, Worth the Read, where I share with you things I've read recently around the internet that I think are worth pondering and sharing. So grab a cuppa and join me . . .

Helping Teens Make the Connection Between Technology and Purity - a hugely important topic for today's family

Life Lessons From Green Gables: Learn Tactfulness From Rachel Lynde - fun and practical post using quotes from one of my favourite series . . . more Life Lessons From Green Gables - I especially enjoyed Gilbert's lessons on getting your girl!

My Old Black Book - I enjoyed this look into Tori's personal Bible, as well as some not-so-trivial Bible trivia . . . I showed you my Bible here - Tori and her husband are missionaries in Croatia

The 7 Do-Mores for 2015 - another post from Tori that I really loved

Bible Journaling Bookmarks - Bible journaling is the newest way to add some spark to your devotions (although I don't have the gene for this particular spark myself!) - Karla Dornacher has some downloadable bookmarks that you can use just as they are, or that you can color in yourself . . . you can also see how Karla journals her own Bible

Applying Scruffy Hospitality to Taking Meals - I love the joy of "scruffy hospitality!"

Crochet Heart Video (Free Crochet Pattern) - with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, these quick little crochet hearts can add some charm to your decor

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