Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, only six days late! I hope you're having a great start to 2015. We have enjoyed having all our children with us for Christmas, and Beth staying with us through New Year's (she leaves tomorrow). The week between Christmas and New Year's was very (very very) laid-back and relaxing for us, and although I felt super lazy - I loved it!

We had 15" of snow over Sunday and Monday! This is the biggest 2-day snowfall Kelowna has seen since 1975, believe it or not. Happy New Year to us!
So here we are at the beginning of the first full week of the new year. I thought I'd look back at my goals that I set in December to see if I accomplished them before January 1st.  Here's my list from that post, and my results are in blue after each item.
  1. Downstairs living area decluttered and organized (this is where we've been staging our vintage items for selling at two antique shows in the past 5 weeks - I'm ready to reclaim my house!) I'm happy with this area for now, although I'm sure we'll need to work on it more throughout the year. It's neat, comfortable, and we know where everything is in the closet.
  2. Curtains put up on all the windows (we have blinds, so we do have privacy, and several people have said they like the "clean and simple" look of just the blinds, but I like the softness and warmth of window treatments!) This did not get done, although I do have treatments for the windows in Wes' study. Learned: don't set goals that involve needing someone else to help you accomplish them! I need Wes to actually hang the rods for the treatments, and he just didn't have the time for this with everything else going on at the end of the year. Also, if your goal involves buying something, you need money to accomplish the goal - which I didn't - at least not for curtains.
  3. My sewing/craft room decluttered and organized for efficient work This is kind of done. I know where to find everything I need, but it's not neat-looking at all right now. Part of that has to do with my craft room also being our guest room, where Beth has been sleeping for 3 weeks. No complaints! I'd rather have my girl sleeping in the guest room than have it completely neat. I will work on this more in the coming weeks.
    How my craft room looked for the past 3 weeks!
  4. Complete Good Morning Girls advent studyKeeping Our Hearts Focused on Jesus I missed 3 days, but otherwise this is done. And it was so so so good for me! This study touched my heart deeply in one area, which I will tell you about shortly.
  5. Finish reading Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt Not done.
  6. Read Smart Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Home by Sandra Felton Begun, but not finished. Definitely on my list of books to finish, though.
  7. Draw up a basic plan for 2015 ladies' events at church Done! We're having four events this year, rather than informal monthly meetings.
  8. Get the blog section of my new website ready for publication (yes, I'm working on having my own site with my own web domain - I have no idea what I'm doing, but I want to work toward having my blog and shop all on one site!) Not even close! Something that will probably take me quite a while, as it's not such a priority that I'm putting off other things I need/want to do.
  9. Finish some secret sewing I've been working on for way too long (I'll reveal that when it's safe to do so!) Didn't get this done either. I hope to have it finished by May, so I need to make a plan for doing that, rather than saying, "I'll try." As FlyLady says, "If you try, you lie." As in trying doesn't accomplish anything. Doing things gets things done!
  10. Finish Lori Holt's Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas quilt, a Christmas sewalong for Lori's Instagram followers (there are 15 blocks; I've finished 3, while Lori and many of her followers have finished all the blocks, sewn them together, attached the border, and are ready to attach the label on Monday - I'm just a little behind!) This is not finished, but the top is done! All that's left is the borders, quilting, and the label. It won't be a quick finish, but it's the first thing I'm working on in my sewing room in the new year.
    All the little blocks sewn together - cute!
  11. Catch up on my Rose Hill Lane Block-of-the-Month from Shabby Fabrics (in my defense, the first two blocks arrived while I was away on our trip, and the second two arrived shortly after I got home, so I do have a reason to be behind on those!) Not done. The Christmas quilt took up all my sewing time!
  12. Lose 5 lbs. (I fell totally off my Diabetes Miracle eating plan over the course of this year, and as a result, regained 10 of the 12 pounds I lost - my blood sugar shows it too - so I intend to do it again and keep it up in 2015) I did not lose 5 pounds in December. However, I am now re-established on my diet and am already losing weight and beginning to feel much better than I have in months. 
    One problem I've been having is aching and swollen fingers. Within 24 hours of going low-carb, the swelling was gone and the pain was less. Now, on day 5, I have no pain in my fingers. Seems that carbs cause inflammation in my body, ya think?
  13. Clear the house of the carbs I don't need before January 1st (all the kids except Beth will have come and gone, Christmas will be over, and it will be time to get back on The Diabetes Miracle: 3 Simple Steps to Prevent and Control Diabetes and Regain Your Health . . . Permanently) We have thrown out tons of cookies and chips, etc. Even when they were in the house, I haven't cheated! I consider that a great accomplishment!
    I'm learning to drink green tea. I don't like plain green tea, so Wes went to a tea store and got some flavored ones. 
  14. Spend the week of Christmas totally focused on family time with our children (this requires having my Etsy shop caught up and my house ready for Christmas; I'm using FlyLady's Holiday Control Journal to help me stay on track with the house) Christmas Week was fantastic! We loved having our kids here, and we just relaxed with them the whole week. 
    A lot of this has been going on! All of our kids play this game on their iPads called 2048. They got Wes hooked on it. I am the only holdout!
  15. Choose a Bible-reading plan and two Bible studies to complete next year I am using the chronological Bible-reading plan included in the Blue Letter Bible App on my iPad mini. I choose one verse or passage per day from my reading to journal using the SOAP method used in the Advent Bible Study I did. I found that method to be fresh and exciting to me, and it's absolutely amazing what the Holy Spirit will point out when you're reading for something from the Lord rather than just reading to cross it off your to-do list. I've chosen to do a Bible study on Friendship - Four Week Mini Bible Study (Becoming Press Mini Bible Studies) that I got for free on my Kindle several weeks ago, along with reading the book Sister Friends: Supporting One Another in Grace and Godliness by Francie Taylor.  I will do these this month as preparation for our first ladies' event in February, a Friendship Dinner. The other Bible study I'm going to do this year is Loving God with All Your Mind by Elisabeth George. I began this book a couple of years ago, but I haven't finished the study. I may choose another study as the year progresses, especially relating to the topic that touched my heart so deeply during the Advent study that I mentioned above, but I don't have a definite plan for those yet.
As you can see, I didn't accomplish all of the goals I set out to do at the beginning of December. At one point during the month, I panicked, thinking that I was failing. But then I realized that the point of setting goals is to have something to aim for. If I don't hit it, at least I tried. My pastor in Texas always told us, "If you aim at nothing, you're bound to hit it." And that's so true! If I hadn't at least aimed at most of these things, none of them would have happened. As it is, I feel that I'm better prepared for 2015 as a result of aiming at these goals, even if I didn't finish all of them.

How has your year been so far? Are you a goal-setter or resolution-maker? Or neither? Tell me something you're looking forward to doing or accomplishing this year!

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  1. I'm a goal-setter! (As anyone who reads my blogs can tell, right?) One thing I want to accomplish this year is to read more. There's a great reading challenge over at ModernMrsDarcy,com that looks doable for me and is quite adaptable. It involves 12 books. I'd also like to re-read a couple books from 2014 and actually implement the ideas found there.

  2. You may not have accomplished all your goals but you made a very good showing!! I need to make a list cause I'm so forgetful. Glad you're feeling better too! Oh yea, and I love your quilt!

  3. Good work! I thought this week, after everyone went home and/or back to work, was going to be week to sit down and think about the new year. But Jesse has been sick since Monday, and my m-i-l's caregiver's son got sick, so she had to leave to take him to the dr (and he was diagnosed with mono - we're praying neither of these illnesses spreads to any of the rest of us, especially my m-i-l.) That's actually one frustration I have with goals: when out-of-control circumstances turn them on their heads, and I think, "Why did I bother?" But as you said, at least we get farther than if we hadn't made them and just floated along.

    I keep a running list of projects or things to do when I have time, so I don't necessarily need to sit down and make a list of things to do: I just need to decide to start on one and get going. :-)

    I'm making some plans about reading for the year. I was involved in several book challenges last year and it was almost too much. I like some intentionality in my reading but some freedom as well to pick up something I hadn't known about or considered.

    It was so neat that all your family was able to get together! And your quilt looks really cute!

  4. I am a resolution maker, although I have yet on 1/8/15 to set them for 2015. I have set one, but I'm trying to be more realistic. I looked at the SOAP acronym and I love that. That's something I definitely want to do and start journaling it. Thanks!

  5. No, I'm not so much a resolution maker...but I do like to set goals and make lists and cross accomplishments off lists. I really enjoyed seeing all the things you got done and crossed off!! Way to go!!! Love the finished quilt top!!!

    And...I KNOW you can lose the weight you want to lose. I'm trying to lose 5 lbs I gained over Christmas and New Year's with two sets of company here. So now I'm buckling down. I lost 101 lbs as of Christmas morning since I began WW Nov 2013. So I certainly don't want to mess up all that work!

    p.s. Tried 2048...not sure that's my type of game....maybe for quick young minds, which is what I'm not anymore!

  6. p.s. Happy New Year to you, Susan!

  7. I saw your daughter last week at West Coast! We were just there dropping off our first-born. Glad to see that you are doing well. God bless. From Rhonda, formerly known as Missionary Mom!


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