Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mentoring the Next Generation

As most of you know, our son, Andrew, finished college last year and is still living and working in Lancaster, CA, where he went to school. During his last couple of years of college, he worked in the bus ministry at Lancaster Baptist Church, and there he met a young fellow named DayDay (that's a nickname; I'm not quite sure how to spell his real name!). Andrew got involved in DayDay's life, and as one thing lead to another, Andrew has become quite a "big brother" to DayDay.

Andrew's motivation runs deep: he wants to be different and make a difference in one child's life. So often, Christians complain about how inner-city kids are turning out. They turn to drugs and alcohol and immorality, and we shake our heads and do nothing. Andrew took action, and continues to be an integral part of DayDay's life, three years later.

Andrew doesn't want to just talk about doing something to help kids; he is doing something.

Something that has meant sacrifice for him.

Today I want to share with you Andrew's heart concerning DayDay, and invite you to help out if you can and want to.

Here's the story in Andrew's words:

"A few years ago I had the awesome opportunity of meeting DayDay and his family, and was able to begin tutoring him in some of his classes. The public education he was receiving seemed to be subpar. So last year I had the privilege of placing DayDay in a private, Christian school, and it went great!

Exceeding expectations, DayDay went from lackluster grades in his public school to impressive academic improvements in his first year of a private school environment. There have been bumps in the road along the way, but DayDay is continuing to grow socially, spiritually, and academically.

This year DayDay is back in his second year of private school, and the overall costs for a year of this education come in between $4,000-$5,000. These costs exclude clothing, after school care, and the occasional cheeseburger...

With only a single income, friends and family have encouraged me to start a fund-raising page for anyone who would like to be involved in helping offset the costs of this year's tuition. This is an opportunity to be involved in helping a kid receive a high quality education. Please consider being a part!"


  1. That's so special. Praise the Lord for your son and his care for this young man.

  2. We think he's doing an excellent job, Tori! This is definitely God's hand on Andrew's life. Thanks for reading!


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