Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Sister's Wedding: Video Clips

Although my sister's wedding was more than two months ago now, I thought you might like to see a video from the day . . . because I know I'm always ready to look at wedding pictures!

This video is compiled of clips from the wedding and reception. I've so enjoyed going back through and reliving some of the beautiful moments, as well as some of the funnier ones. This video was edited by Kaitlyn Unruh, a friend of Rebekah's.

This next video is the slide show presented during the wedding. It's a bit longer than the preceding video. This one will let you learn a little more about both Travis and Rebekah. I love it because not only does it chronicle Rebekah's life, it has many pictures of loved ones over the years, some who have gone on to Heaven. There's even a picture of a much-younger Susan in there!

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  1. Those were nice! I love these kinds of things.


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