Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Sister's Courtship Testimony

As you know, my baby sister got married on March 28th of this year. She has a bit of a unique testimony of how she waited till the age of 29 to get married. I knew I wanted to at least post some pictures of her wedding, but I also wanted her to share her testimony of waiting for the the man God had for her. Here is her story of how she waited, met, dated and married her husband, Travis. I've included a few photos of Bekah through the years, too. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Rebekah at just a few months old. This is about the time Wes and I moved away from SC.

"I grew up in a Christian home being taught to pray for my mate that God had for me. I always thought that I would meet "the one" around age 17 and be married by 19 or 20. This did not happen! hahaha I waited for what seemed like forever, had several boyfriends, met LOTS of weirdos and had many male acquaintances. Trust me, churches are full of weirdos and wolves! I finally got to the point where I was content with what I had at the time and was hoping and praying for God to send me someone, but figured it would be a while. I was totally prepared to be in my 30's before I got married. But in my heart, I was afraid of turning 30 and not having a significant other.

Bekah and our mother

"Seems like last summer there were several men in my life. Now I know it was the Devil trying to distract me and he did. There was one in particular that was everything I wanted but still totally wrong for me and I knew it. I almost ruined my life but God spared me from it. As soon as I gave that up, asked God's forgiveness and re-purposed in my heart to wait on Him, He brought me Travis.  

"Now, let's rewind 21 years to when I was 8 and we lived on a farm in Greer, S.C. Our house was about 2 miles from a little church and a friend of ours was the pastor. I used to go up there and play with the pastor's children and go to VBS. That was the first time I saw Travis! He and his family had gone there from the the time the church was started and I always saw him at VBS and fall festivals. I remember thinking he was hyper and a smart alec.  

Rebekah with our PaPa, Mother's daddy
"He doesn't remember ever seeing me , though. I secretly thought he was cute way back then. We sold that farm and bought a travel trailer and truck and went on deputation to go to Mexico. We left for Mexico July 5, 1997. I was 12 years old. That was about the age when I started thinking about boys and Mom and Dad bought me a heart and key necklace and I took the key off and gave it to Daddy with a note promising to keep myself pure and wait on God to bring me His choice for my life. He put it under lock and key in a little safe box and never opened it.

Rebekah and our Aunt Betty

"Mom and I started praying for my mate about the same time. I was SO discouraged over the years because I could not find a REAL MAN. I wanted a leader, a Godly man, someone who loved my family, loved children, loved singing and going to church, would be a provider, etc. There didn't seem to be any like this and the ones who were, were already married. 

Teaching Sunday School in Mexico
"We lived in Mexico for 8 years and finally came home in 2005, and had been home a total of 8 years when Travis and I finally met. 

"That is another story in itself . . ."

Susan here . . . I'll end this post there for today. Tomorrow I'll post Bekah's testimony of how she and Travis finally met!


  1. I'm so glad you are posting her story. I have 3 daughters and we are praying for some GODLY men for them. I know God has someone for them and in his time, he'll bring them to them. The world has no idea about what a marriage is and the importance of waiting on God. I'm looking forward to the rest of the story!!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the whole story, Sandra! My own daughter is 21, and she is perfectly willing to wait on God's timing. It's a blessing to know He has a plan and is in control!

  2. I'm always a sucker for a love story! Looking forward to the next installment. ;)

    1. Me too, Paula! And I didn't even know Rebekah's entire story till now! LOL


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