Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Home Again!

I'll be saying that a lot this year!

I'm back from visiting my family for my sister's wedding. It was a beautiful, Christ-honoring wedding, and I do have some pictures to share with you, as well as an amazing story of God's grace and provision for me as I traveled alone. I got to spend lots of time with my mom and dad, which was priceless to me. I don't think we've all sat and talked so much for a long time. I also got to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins at the wedding, as well as visiting with some of my first mother's family in another town in SC. And I got to spend time with my lifelong best friend - although it wasn't at all how we'd planned it (that goes back to the amazing story mentioned above)! So I had a fantastic trip and enjoyed myself tremendously.

I hit the ground running when I arrived home last Wednesday. I had a children's class to teach that night, and the rest of the week was spent in preparation for our church's first service in our new location! That was this past Sunday. I also have some pictures from that to show you - as soon as I can figure out how this iCloud thing works to get pictures from my phone onto my computer. We'll get it figured out.

A week from today we pick up the keys for our new home. I'm so excited to be living in our own house and in the country! In addition to traveling, teaching, and moving our church, we've also been packing up our condo for the move. How do we collect so much stuff??? I'll never figure that out!

I'm also working on keeping my Etsy shop updated while we move, with only vintage items that I can put in an envelope and mail instead of having to make something.

No. I'm not busy. Why do you ask?!

I will do my best to get some new posts up - with pictures - very soon. Thanks for your patience!


  1. So happy to see you are back, Susan! I have missed you! Even though I wasn't sure exactly when you'd be traveling, I have been praying for safety in travel and a lovely reunion with your family. So thrilling to hear how God has answered prayer! I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posts as time allows.

  2. Wow - busy, busy! Glad the trip went so well!


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