Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Principles For Making Wise Decisions: Does It Glorify God?

Most decisions we make will be small ones, but I'm convinced that many of them are sowing the seeds of undesirable destinies. How can we make good decisions, so that we're living lives of order, balance, and peace? Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing with you the basics of making sound biblical decisions. 

Does this action truly glorify God and can I ask Him to bless it?

The final question we need to settle when making a decision is whether this action would truly glorify God and could I truly ask Him to bless what I'm considering. To illustrate with a fairly minor decision, sometimes when I'm praying over my food I stop to consider if I really think God will bless that sugary doughnut to the health of my body! I know it isn't healthy for me, I know that sugar-laden, although very tasty, treat will send my blood sugar spiraling up, not to come down for several hours, and my body just doesn't make the insulin necessary to bring my blood sugar back to a normal level. How can I expect God to bless that?! So is it a wise decision to stop at the doughnut shop on the way home from the grocery store? Because of this principle and a few others I might add for good measure - probably not.

That's a minor and slightly humorous example, but we face decisions like that every day. If Jesus were to return while you were engaged in the activity in question, would you be ashamed for Him to find you doing it? What about your clothing? Can you ask God to bless you as you expose your body for everyone to look at? Would you like to appear before God while watching a movie with immoral activity and profane language? Can you truly ask God to bless your participation in your planned activity?

Some would laugh over "small" things like that, but this is a biblical position: "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31 As saved people, we should want to glorify God in everything, and we should do our best to glorify Him in everything. So any kind of decision should be based upon what will glorify God!

Even down to eating that doughnut!

This is the last post in the series Making Wise Decisions. If you missed a post, you can find links to all of them in the introductory post. I hope something has been said that is a help to you!

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  1. Excellent post, Susan! "All things are lawful unto me, but not all things are expedient." I may be able to do many things, but not everything I could possibly do would glorify God. It would be a good thing for us to keep these things always in mind as we make our daily decisions.

    1. Very true, Lisa! I'm glad you're able to get your posts to come through now. I don't know what the problem was the other day!


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