Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday's Fave Five: March 7, 2014

I'm joining Susanne at Living To Tell The Story for Friday's Fave Five, where we take a few minutes to remember five blessings of the week, big or small, and share them with you!

I'm a teensy bit late today. Ok, more than a teensy bit. It's almost not Friday anymore! But this is the first chance I've had to finish this post, and I have exciting things to share this week!

1. We have new dining room chairs! Wes went into Home Depot Monday morning for some screws or something, and they had parson's chairs on clearance for $25.00 each. He snapped a picture with his phone & asked if I liked them. We've been kinda sorta looking for new dining chairs for a while, but they weren't a priority. For this price - definitely worth it!

They appear black, but they're actually dark brown, and they have wooden legs, which match the table. They look very nice in person!
2. I found shoes for my sister's wedding! I had planned to shop at the thrift store for the silver shoes I needed for the wedding, but that was turning up nothing. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on shoes I would only wear once. So I was in Sears the other day and decided to take a run through the shoe department and found these. They are silver. And blingy. On sale. I will wear them again. And most importantly: comfortable! I love them!

I felt like a nut taking a picture of shoes in a mirror at Sears, but I wanted my husband and my sister to see them. They also don't really go with a denim skirt.

3. My friend won an iPod Touch! The internet radio station that many of us in our church (and many other people around the world) listen to, KNVBC, was hosting a giveaway for an iPod Touch recently, and the winner was announced this morning. I had forgotten all about it till I got a text from another friend, 4 hours away, asking if I had been listening when Angela was announced as the winner. Then another friend here texted me with the same news. So I texted Angela! I am so excited about her winning that iPod. She is the one altering my dress for the wedding, and she has refused to take any pay for it. So I kinda think it's a special blessing for her because she seeks to bless others.

4. I'm back on track with my diet. For months now, I've tried and failed many times to get back to my ultra-low carb diet in order to get my diabetes under better control. Since my success last summer, my numbers have gone up a little, more than I wanted them to. A friend in Vancouver texted me last week saying she'd just started it because of a condition that is based in part on insulin levels. She motivated me to restart my own efforts once again, and I'm happy to report that I have done well this week and my blood sugar levels are falling again. This is good news!

5. I'm doing a Bible study this month for my devotions. I was on track for reading my Bible through in a year, but I found myself wanting a more focused plan for study for a few weeks. So I'm reading and studying Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George. I've learned so much just this week, and it's put a new spark in my devotional time in the mornings! My friend, Mrs. T at Across My Kitchen Table, recommended this book to me over a year ago, and I've started it several times only to put it down again. I finally decided that I might as well make it my devotional time to make sure I continue on in the study. I'm also reading the chapter in Proverbs corresponding to the day's date. It's a smaller chunk of scripture to read, and I've really enjoyed finding little things in Proverbs to focus on each day. It's been a good week with the Lord! It will obviously take me longer than a year to read through my Bible now because of taking a detour, but that's fine. I believe the Lord was in this decision to take a month (or more) to study more in-depth, if for no other reason than I have learned and begun to apply so much in just this one week.

How was your week? Have any blessings to share? Leave a comment here, or better yet, join the linky party at Living To Tell The Story!

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  1. Susan,

    I am so happy you're enjoying Loving God with All Your Mind! I consider it a truly life-changing book. It has been a huge help to me, and I find myself referring back to my own study notes again and again.

    We're doing The Heart of a Woman who Prays (same author) in Sunday School now, and what a blessing it is!

    1. This study is already changing my thoughts! I've been sharing some of the things I'm learning with Wes, and I was also able to share a little bit at our ladies' Bible study Monday night. I love it! Thank you for suggesting it to me last year!

  2. Wow, what a week for good deals! And how sweet that your friend won an iPod Touch.

    I do the same thing with devotions - I read the Bible through, but take a break now and then for a particular book or study. I've read and enjoyed many of George's books but can't remember if that was one.

    So glad your insulin levels are doing well again!

    1. I've never stopped doing my through-the-Bible reading to focus on a study before, and I'm finding it to be just what I needed right now. I love Mrs. George's books so far. She teaches practical things, and I think we need that so much! We need to know what the Bible says, but we also need to know how to apply what we learn.


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