Tuesday, February 04, 2014

To Answer Your Question

In my recent reader survey, I asked if anyone had any specific questions about our family or church ministry. Most respondents said no, but one person did have a question:
How big is your church? Do your people totally support you and your ministry.
Our church theme for 2014
  I'm glad to answer!

Our church, People's Baptist Church of Kelowna, BC, is small. We have about ten families and several single people who attend on a regular basis. Our average Sunday-morning attendance is around 40. Our church has had two pastors: Pastor Claude Madle, who started the church and pastored it for 18 years; and my husband, Wes. We have been here just over three years. There have been times when the church has grown to an attendance of over 100, but due to the poor economy, many people have moved away from Kelowna. We've lost several families to relocation just in the three years we've been here. Additionally, we have two families who are missionaries out of our church: Pastor Rick Lendvoy in Williams Lake, BC, and missionaries Jeremy and Rebekah Johnson in South Africa.
Jeremy & Rebekah Johnson

I am happy to say that, yes, our people do support our ministry! That doesn't mean that everyone is always happy with any one decision my husband makes, but it does mean that our people are willing to follow their pastor. Our church is made up of humans who aren't perfect, and their pastor is not perfect, so there are times of misunderstanding and/or disagreement, just as there are in any church, but overall, our people love us and support us. And we're so thankful for that! Many churches have division and strife, so Wes and I praise the Lord for the tender hearts of our people.

You can view our ministry newsletters on our family's website, as well as some pictures from the ministry.

Do you have any questions about our ministry? I'll be happy to answer anything I can. Obviously, I can't violate the privacy of our church members - but general questions are welcome!

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