Monday, February 03, 2014

Sunday In Review: Loving God and a SNAC

I've gleaned from my reader survey conducted last week that many of you would like to see more ministry updates on the blog. I had no idea they were enjoyed so much, so I'll begin posting reviews on Mondays of the past week at our church. There aren't always many newsworthy events, but there might be something of interest to you every now and then!

On the way to church. A couple of Instagram friends have been posting pics of themselves ready for church, so I decided to show us on the way to church. We had a teen girl in the back seat, too.

Last Wednesday night, our youth director held a Teen Impact Extravaganza. This is something he started this year. Every month that has a fifth Wednesday night in it will have an Extravaganza on that fifth Wednesday, so this was the first one. He took the teens to a local gym, played games, had some snacks, and delivered a devotional with an evangelistic focus. We have regular Wednesday night classes for our teens, but on the Extravaganza nights he's hoping to get more teens in from the surrounding community, so he will focus on a salvation message for those events. Anyway, one of the teen boys that's been coming on our bus for quite a while made a profession of faith Wednesday night! Praise the Lord! Pray for his spiritual growth and for his salvation to make an impact on his family.

On Saturday morning, Wes had a prayer breakfast with our men. They normally have a men's meeting one evening a month, but January's had to be moved to a different day due to Wes traveling to California. We also have men's prayer meeting every Saturday night. So Wes combined the two this week and made it a prayer breakfast! They discussed some major changes that are coming up this spring, which I will tell you about soon. We're getting excited around here!

Yesterday, we had several visitors, although none of them were "first-time" visitors. Several of our members were sick with the flu - three out of one family of six! One of our ladies had to have a pacemaker installed recently - she is my age - and she was able to come back to church. She had an unusually rough recovery, and it was nice to see her looking so good. I hadn't realized just how pale she had become until I saw the healthy pink tint to her skin yesterday. She said she's feeling much better and becoming stronger every day.

Wes has begun a sermon series on David. Our church theme for the year is "Loving God With All Your Mind," and David is one of the greatest examples in Scripture for loving God completely. He wasn't perfect, by a long shot, but the overall bent of His life was toward loving God. Wes got through his introduction yesterday morning, so he had to preach the body of his message last night. I had to tease him about being long-winded! He said he didn't know why he thought he'd get through the entire sermon in the morning service, seeing how many notes he had.

Last night after the service, we had the first SNAC of the year: Sunday Night After Church. This is when we have the teens over to our house, with the youth director and his family, for some food, fellowship, games, and a special challenge from Wes. Last night, he shared with them his heart for their personal walk with the Lord - to see them excited about knowing the Lord themselves, rather than just going through the motions of coming to church just because they have to or because it's what they've always done!

Coming up this week: our teens head to Chill-Out, a winter youth conference near Edmonton, Alberta

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