Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday In Review: Ladies' Fellowship

Good morning!

It's been a busy week around here, even though it's just begun. Yesterday was our monthly ladies' fellowship meeting. We always meet at someone's house (thanks for opening your homes, ladies!), and this month was my turn to host. We're studying through Terrie Chappell's The Choice is Yours, and our ladies seem to be enjoying it. I like Mrs. Chappell's writing style, and having the Teacher Edition of the book helps me know how to frame the lessons. The lesson this month was a basic one, that I almost didn't think I should teach, on choosing to listen to God by reading His Word daily and systematically. All of our ladies have been saved for quite a while, so they know this already, but sometimes it's good to review basic things, isn't it? We enjoyed talking about what kind of Bible-reading plans we use, how the Lord has helped us get back on track when we've fallen behind in our reading, and how important it is to have a time, place, and plan for reading the Bible, not just for the system, but as tools to help us learn to love God. The best part to me is that this lesson fit in perfectly with Wes's sermon Sunday night and our church's theme for the year of Loving God.

This month I used an iPad app called Keynote to make a visual presentation of the ladies' lesson. I've never used anything like this before, but I loved it! It was very easy to make the slides for the presentation, and the ladies seemed to enjoy having the visuals to help them fill in the blanks in their Student Edition books. Now I'm thinking of ways to use this handy little app in other situations!

Our attendance on Sunday was back up from last week, about 30 people. How we praise the Lord for each person as they arrive each service! I don't think they realize just how much we (Wes and I) miss them when they're not there.

I bought Wes a new shirt and tie for Valentine's Day. He likes colored shirts, and purple is one of his favorite colors. I think he looks pretty sharp! :)

Our church website has archives of the sermons preached at our church from this year and last year, if you care to listen. If you're a member of one of our supporting churches, you pray for our church and us as missionaries, or if you just want to listen to some good preaching, feel free to browse through our archives!


  1. I know just what you mean about thinking that certain lessons or topics might be too basic, but I've found that there's often someone in class that day (and sometimes it's me!) who needs that reminder that particular day. That happened to me with the book I taught through about making wise choices. I felt clearly led to teach that study, yet as I began I was afraid that some might find it too basic. There was no need to worry on that score! It challenged every one of us, from the oldest believer to the newest.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Mrs. T!!! When we came here, I thought there was nothing new I could ever do with or teach to these ladies, because the church was already 18 years old, and many of them had been here for a lot of that time. But I'm finding that the former pastor and his wife focused on different things than we might, and there is often something that might have been taught previously that someone just didn't grasp. The Lord continues to open new opportunities to serve with these ladies!

  3. A former older pastor, now with the Lord, used to say that Satan will always attack our getting into the Word, whether by busyness or sleepiness or inattentiveness or distraction, or something. He said this after someone said to him something along the lines that after having walked with the Lord for so long and having spent so much time in the Word, he must not have any struggles having that time in the Word. His answer has always stuck with me. Sometimes it is helpful to go over the basics again.

    1. I'm glad to read this - a lot of wisdom there. Not so much glad to know that the struggles will always be there, but glad to know it's normal! Thanks, Barbara!


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