Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday in Review: Chill-Out!

It's time for a review of the happenings at our church the past week! Our attendance was down quite a bit yesterday, as several families were out of town, and of the families in town, two had people at home sick. One of our ladies had to work, also. So we ended up with 20 people, about half of our usual Sunday-morning attendance. Of course we missed all those who weren't there, but we praise the Lord for the ones who did get to be in the services yesterday!

This is NOT Kelowna! This is during Chill-Out at Pigeon Lake, Alberta.
 The big event of the past week was Chill-Out, a winter camp hosted by Victory Baptist Church of Sherwood Park, Alberta. Where it's really cold. Really cold. Like -38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's almost where the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales meet at -40. So yeah, the kids were a little cold, but shouldn't a winter camp called Chill-Out be cold???

We only had two teens who went this year (which is 1/3 of our youth group!) - both girls. They left with our youth pastor and his wife at dark-thirty on Thursday morning. I think it's about a 10-12 hour trip, and camp started on Thursday afternoon. They arrived safely, with no problems of any kind.

There's lots of play and lots of preaching at this camp. The speaker this year was Pastor Rod Hall, youth pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Layton, Utah. Our two girls gave testimonies of the sermons and how the Lord spoke to their hearts through them. They made some wise-hearted decisions last week, and I think the Lord will honor them and help them to keep those commitments. We're going to be faithful to pray for them and ask them how they're doing through the year!

In addition to the preaching, there was lots of fun, both indoors and outdoors. I heard stories of running around outside and something about shooting catapults. Seems that rubber bands on catapults don't stretch very well at such frigid temps, and your ball falls right in front of you rather than zinging across the room as it's supposed to! ;)

On the way back home, our group had some minor mechanical problems, but those were fixed easily and they made it home safely at 1:30 Sunday morning. Everybody was right on time for church Sunday morning at 9:00, a little tired but excited about their weekend. Sunday night the girls told us about the fun and their spiritual decisions, and our youth director and his wife each told what they received from the preaching too. Don't think the Lord doesn't speak to adults at these youth camps! We're so grateful for our youth director and all the work he and his wife put into our youth. They work hard and reach out to not only our own teens, but to teens in the community each week as they bring them in on the bus for lessons and activities at the church.  It's not a small job to plan lessons and activities for young people!

I'll leave you with a several more pictures. Coming up this week: Wes and I are babysitting the children of three families in our church so their parents can have a Couples' Night Out. We have plans. They involve a large TV and a Wii. If you don't hear from us by next week, send help! ;)

With the two girls who went to Chill-Out

I sent this picture to Beth to show her the necklace I was wearing yesterday morning. It was a good find at Sears - just $3.00!


  1. When Jim and I were dating, I went to ID to meet his parents for the first time over one Christmas break, and we went to a winter camp his church was having with another. It was 20 below 0, and the facility had outhouses rather than indoor plumbing and no heat except for a big fireplace. I have never been so cold in my life. But one girl was saved then, and eventually her whole family started attending the church there. I don't think I could attend such a thing now, though!

    1. Oh, that sounds like the camp our kids went to! I don't know that they had outhouses, but our youth pastor's wife said the cabins were freezing. I don't think I'd do very well with it now, either!


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