Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday's Fave Five: February 7, 2014

I'm joining Susanne at Living To Tell The Story for Friday's Fave Five, where we take a few minutes to remember five blessings of the week, big or small, and share them with you!

This has been a quick week! I've done a lot of writing and thinking, and I've had lots of emails to answer, for some reason. I enjoy all of that, so it's all good! I'm late this week, but here are some of the blessings of the week:

1. A warm home. It's been super cold here this week. That may not seem unusual to you, if you know I live in Canada. Contrary to popular belief, though, the entire country is not a frozen wasteland in the winter! Where we live, in south-central British Columbia, winter is not harsh at all. Our average highs are in the 30s and lows are in the high 20s, at the lowest. That's because we are in a valley and have cloud cover most of the winter. But this year, we've had lots of sunny days - very few clouds, which allows the temps to dip lower. All that to say I'm glad we have a warm place to live!

2. A new-to-me computer. My laptop is getting "old" (almost 3 years old!), so my husband began looking around for another computer for me. He was at the Apple store one day, and they had an older refurbished Mac desktop for a good price. So he bought me a Mac. I've never used a Mac. I've always felt Macs were a bit snooty, actually. Well. I like it, so far. I don't think I've gotten snooty yet, either.

3. Morning coffee in my 25-cent thrift-store cup. I just love everything about it. Its shape. Its  colors. Its contents! ;)

4. A dinner date. My Honey and I are used to spending all our time together. He was recruited to paint the hallways and stairwells of our condo building, and although he's had help, he's really had to work hard to get it done this week. So he's taking me out for a dinner date tonight! Woohooo!

5. The promise of heaven. On a more serious note, we have a friend who has just days left to live. She is diabetic, her kidneys have failed, she's had to have both legs amputated, and has just been in horrible health in the past few years. She is only in her mid-30s, a little younger than my mother was when she died from the same illness. As we've prayed for our friend and her family, I've thought of how precious heaven is to us, and how thankful I am that we have the promise that we will meet our loved ones again, and that God will wipe all tears from our eyes.

I hope you've had some blessings this week too!


  1. I am so.sick.of.snow. And cold weather. Kevin and I were talking last night and we said how wonderful the weather would seem if it were 20* for a few days with no snow! We've had a very harsh winter thus far - and it doesn't look like it is warming up any time soon.

    I laughed out loud about your snooty comment. Don't do it! Don't get snooty! ;-)

    Adding a prayer for your friend.

    1. Oh, I know the whole country is sick of snow! It's been so unusually cold this winter almost everywhere.

      I don't have any plans to get snooty! ;) You can let me know if I do! LOL

      Thanks for praying for my friend and her family. She is doing better, much to the surprise of her doctors; I'll have more info next week, after we see how she's doing after a few days.

  2. I'm sorry about your friend but am reminded of Psalm 116.15.
    That coffee mug is cute--looks hand painted. And $.25!
    Enjoy your date tonight :)

    1. We did enjoy our date, thanks! We ate too much. One of the local steak houses has all-you-can-eat ribs right now, and Wes has been hankering to eat all he can. So he did. I just had a steak, but we were both stuffed when we were done.

      That verse in Psalms has been a great comfort to me over the years, especially since I lost my mother at such a young age. Many more loved ones and friends have gone to heaven since then, and that's the verse I remember most often!

  3. My hubby bought me a Mac several years ago and I have never looked back. They are so user friendly and I have none of the Microsoft problems or headaches. To me, they are worth every penny!!! Hope you enjoy!

    1. The more I learn it, the better I like it! I'm not constantly afraid of a virus getting in somehow, and I love having a desktop again. My laptop is great for its portability, but I'm refinding my love for a desktop - I can use a mouse instead of a touchpad that kept getting touched at the wrong time! LOL

  4. My sons have Macs and enjoy them - only one of them got a little snooty about it. :-) I didn't want the learning curve of getting one, so when I got my laptop a few years back, I got just a regular one (whatever you call non-Mac computers). I've heard they're wonderful, though. I get frustrated with the touchpad, too, though.

    Glad you had a fun dinner date!

    1. Haha! Only one of them got snooty?! Love that!

      I was afraid of the learning curve, but other than just a few basic things so far, it hasn't been bad. I can't remember how to minimize my screen at the moment! LOL

      The touchpad on my laptop was the bane of my existence! I'd have an entire blog post written and it would highlight and disappear before I even knew what was happening. I think Wes bought me a desktop just to keep me from yelling about losing yet another blog post! ;)


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