Thursday, February 20, 2014

Exciting Changes Ahead For People's Baptist Church!

I mentioned in one of my weekly updates that our church is about to begin some major changes this spring. 

Here's the news:

For most of our church's 21 years, the people have been meeting in a church building owned by a Ukrainian congregation. This building is very old, in poor repair, and in a less-than-desirable location. Most importantly, though, most of our people live in one area of town, about 15 minutes away,  and our bus route originates in that same area. It just made sense to move to an area where most of our people live and we have established relationships with unchurched families.

Our youth director discovered that a small private fine arts school was willing to let us rent from them for basically the same price we are paying for our current building. Wes began talking with the manager of that property several months ago, and then began praying about moving our church there. As he prayed, he felt led to bring this proposition before our congregation and just see where the Lord led from there. The church as a whole prayed about it for a couple of months, and we had a couple of meetings where people could ask questions. We toured the property, then had a couple of services there, and by the end of January, we were sure that this is where the Lord is leading us.

This picture is from the school's website gallery, on their ribbon-cutting day.

We'll be using the school's gym for our services, and we have access to classrooms for our nursery and classes. We can also use the school kitchen for dinners and fellowships, in addition to having our own storage space for chairs, musical instruments, literature, and all that goes along with running a church. Hopefully, that storage space will also have enough room to make an office for Wes, too! But he's not counting on it, considering how much stuff we have!

This is also from the school's website gallery, a potluck dinner in the gym, where we'll be meeting. Yes, those are bright yellow walls with a purple stripe. We plan to use curtain panels on frames to make an "auditorium" for our church each service, to hopefully draw people's attention away from the bright walls and to the service.
We'll have unlimited use of the facility all day on Sundays and on Wednesday nights. We can also ask to have the building any other evenings we might need it, as necessary. And within two blocks is a popular, large city park where we can hold Vacation Bible School and similar outdoor activities.

The best part of the new location is that it's smack dab in the middle of one of the largest residential sections in this part of town! Hundreds of families surround this property, families to whom we have tried to reach out before, but our building was too far away for them to even consider coming on a regular basis. We're excited over the prospect of having a building in their neighborhood to invite them to!

Our first service in the new location will be April 6th. Between now and then, we'll be gathering 21 years' worth of Sunday school materials, supplies, and equipment and slowly moving them over to the new property. So there's plenty to do between now and then! Please pray for People's Baptist Church as we make this exciting transition to a new location!


  1. Praise the Lord! How wonderful! Thank you for sharing your blessing. :)

    1. We're very excited, but a little scared too, as this is pretty much starting over for our church - new location, new times, everything. We're praying the Lord will use this new location to bring in more people, and of course that will mean more people saved and discipled!

  2. Wonderful to see how the Lord has provided!

  3. Wow, sounds like a great opportunity! Hope and pray the transition goes well.


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