Monday, February 10, 2014

An Amazing Update!

Last week in my Friday's Fave Five, I mentioned our friend who was dying from complications of diabetes and kidney failure. She had been unconscious for a couple of days; she went to bed Monday night and her parents couldn't wake her Tuesday morning. At the hospital, doctors said her organs were slowly shutting down and to be prepared for her death. Shortly after I posted Friday's entry, we saw an update from her brother on Facebook. This is (almost) unbelievable! I say almost because we actually prayed for a miracle . . . and we got it! Read on . . .
"2:31 a.m. I receive a phone call from my dad. The phone call I was dreading to receive. To my surprise, however, he asks if I wish to speak to Katherine Aulin. I of course accepted and listened Katherine's version of events. For the last two days she was essentially was lifeless. She had only mumbled a few things and had not eaten. But all this time she was actually thinking to herself, her words now, why are they letting me lay here - I'm sore -, why are they poking me (trying to wake her), and why are they making me eat jam - it's gross - (to keep her sugars up). She wanted to respond but couldn't, and she was getting frustrated. Then early this morning she roused herself and said, "I'm hungry, and I am not ready to die". She and I laughed on the phone. She stunned my parents, nurses and myself and finally proceeded to order dinner! We do not understand what happened, I do not believe she is quite "out of the woods" yet. However it seems The Lord has given us some more time with her. If she keeps this up however, I am the one who is going to have heart problems. Please continue to pray, I am not sure what to make of all this...."
We have laughed all weekend about Katherine's recovery!!!! We serve the Great Physician. He gives life and He takes life in His time. Although the doctors had given Katherine just days to live, God knew better (and apparently Katherine did too! LOL) and woke her up.

On another note, though, I learned last night that a blogging friend has lost her dear Sweetheart. I know Bren through her blog, Life With a Little Sass. She does beautiful hand-quilting, and I found her blog through my interest in quilting. We corresponded a bit via email, I continued to follow her blog, and one day she sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted, and just a few weeks ago, she posted that her Sweetheart had had a stroke. Throughout that week, I prayed for him along with many others, and he appeared to be slowly recovering. Last I read, he was beginning rehab. I wasn't on Facebook at all last week, and when I went on last night, the first status I saw on my news feed was from Bren, saying she was spending her first night alone. Dread filled my heart as I  clicked over to her page and confirmed what I feared: her dear husband of 34 years had passed away in his sleep earlier in the week. My heart is broken for Bren. She and her Sweetheart were devoted to each other. Please pray for her and her family this week as they say goodbye to a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather.

I hope to be back later today with my Sunday in Review. I'm waiting for some pictures. If I don't get back to the computer, I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Prayers just said for them both. My darling Mike went home to heaven in March 2009 and I still miss him so much. I know what your friend who lost her hubby is going thru,

    1. I don't even want to think about the heartache of losing your mate! My grandmother never got over losing my grandfather, even though she lived over 30 years longer.

  2. Had to smile at the brother saying he was going to be the one with heart problems. LOL! It's so sweet to hear of the one recovery but so sad to hear of the one loss. Our Father holds them in His hands. I do pray for Bren. That's exactly how long Jim and I have been married.

    1. Thank you for praying for Bren! My heart just hurts so much for her.

      Katherine will never be truly "out of the woods" as she's not eligible for a kidney transplant anymore (her body is not strong enough for such major surgery), but we're grateful for more time with her this side of Heaven!


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