Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today is our baby girl's 21st birthday!

In celebration of our Beth, let me share 21 things about her:

1. She loves the Lord 
2. She spends time with Him every day of her life

With her brothers and sister-in-law on Canadian Thanksgiving

3. She has always had a sweet spirit - we went through her teen years like a breeze
4. She is her Dad's girl in every way - looks like him, acts like him, treats him like a king

5. She is tall - 6' 1"
6. She adores babies - always has
7. She makes the most delicious baked goods - cookies and brownies especially - and is always glad to make something for anyone who asks

Helping out with the bus ministry last summer

8. She also makes jewelry and does a very good job of it
9. She is level-headed and sensible (not so much like her mom there)
10. She is quiet

Helping with VBS last summer
11. She likes to shop if she has money and knows what she's looking for
12. She likes to clean (also not so much like her mom)

With her Grandpa Hutchens at Andrew's graduation last May
13. She sings well and enjoys being in various singing groups
14. She is in her junior year of college, majoring in Secondary Education
15. She believes the Lord is calling her into mission work

With her brother Sam at his wedding last January

16. She wants to teach on the mission field for a year or two after she finishes college
17. She works hard, studies hard, and sleeps hard (!)
18. She is in a college tour group that will be promoting the college this summer
19. She is a dorm supervisor this year

With her assistant dorm supe
20. She loves "her girls" in her dorm - she loves to find ways to minister to them in the midst of her duties
21. She is a beautiful woman whom I admire and respect.
She has become my friend as well as my child

On a hike last summer
Happy Birthday, Beth!!!!
Enjoy your day with Dad!
We both love you far more than words could ever say, and we look forward to the future and all that God has for you!

Wes was able to run down for a couple of days and be with Beth for her birthday.
Also . . .
We are now officially the parents of adults.
How did that happen?


  1. (This comment isn't posting...will try again.)

    Happy 21st Birthday, Beth!!! Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks, Deb! She said it was her best birthday ever! :)

  2. I clicked the wrong button, so I am not sure if this posted - forgive me of it comes through twice.

    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

    It had hit me that I wasn't parenting teenagers any more but not that I'll have all adults when my youngest turns 21 this year. Wow - I don't know how that happened, either!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Beth! She said it was her best ever!

      Time does fly right on by, doesn't it? I think I like this phase of life, with adult children. They're great men and young woman! :)

  3. You have such a beautiful must be VERY proud of her...what a wonderful young lady who serves the Lord!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! We think she's the very best, of course! ;) She is doing well serving the Lord. We're thankful for her tender heart toward Him and her decision to serve Him.

  4. I really enjoyed reading Beth's birthday list. I have always thought she must be as sweet on the inside as she looks on the outside. That first picture of her is just gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your grown-up girl!

    1. Thanks, Paula! The picture at the top was taken almost 4 years ago, but it's one of my favorites of Beth. We keep telling her she's beautiful, but she won't believe us. She says we have to say that! LOL


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