Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Items at HandmadeByGrace

My focus in my shop, HandmadeByGrace, so far this fall has been Thanksgiving, of course. I designed four sets of tags for Thanksgiving this year, and also combined the four into one set for a variety. I keep trying to choose a favorite, but I find that I love them all! One of the best tips I've read for selling on Etsy is to only make and sell items that you personally love, and these tags certainly fit the bill in that respect!

Here are my Thanksgiving/Fall tags available through November 18th. They will still be available after that date, but I'm not confident they'll be delivered before Thanksgiving.

Which one is your favorite? Click on the caption below the picture to go to each item's listing.

Owl in a Heart
Fall Tree in a Heart
Pumpkin Heart
So Thankful For You
My best-seller by far has been So Thankful For You. I've made many sets of these, not just as gift tags, but also as wedding favor tags! Several brides have ordered them to put on gift bags in their wedding party's hotel rooms. I marketed them as both gift tags and wedding favor tags, but I never expected the huge response I got to them as wedding favor tags! It may sound silly, but I feel honored that people would consider my tags pretty enough to use for their wedding favors!

I'll share my Christmas line with you next week!


  1. All very nice, but I especially love the the So Thankful For You tags. Is that from a stamp?

    1. Everyone seems to love those, no matter what I put that sentiment on! Yes, it's a stamp, but it's by accident that I have it. It's an acrylic cling stamp, not mounted on wood, that originally had a fall tree above it. One day someone asked me if I could put that sentiment with a different image, so I cut my stamp apart. For a long time, I could just put them together on a block to still stamp them together, or I could just use one or the other. Then one day I lost the tree part! So now I just use the sentiment, and I'm finding it very versatile! LOL I just did an order of baby christening tags that used that sentiment with a swirly scrolled cross above. They turned out beautiful!

  2. Those are pretty! I'm glad your shop is doing so well. :) I haven't focused on my shop for quite a while (it is, in fact, quite empty at the moment!).

    1. It does take a lot of focus! I'm finding that, if you want it to grow and be more than a hobby, you have to pay attention to marketing, plan far ahead for the seasons, plan promotions - and then there's the actual work of making items, photographing them (my least favorite), editing the photos, and finally listing them, which is another involved process. It's a ton of work, so the pay isn't great until you get your name out there and begin selling more. Tons of work.


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