Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

I'm joining Susanne at Living to Tell The Story for her Friday's Fave Five, in which participants share five blessings from their week. They don't have to be big blessings, just things that mean something to you. I think this will be fun!

1. My in-laws are visiting for a week. They called a couple of weeks ago and asked if we'd be busy this week. We are having our Teen Crusade this week, but our youth director is leading that, so we had our week fairly free. So they came up to visit while Beth is home for the summer. My mother-in-law went thrift shopping with me yesterday, which was so much fun! Dad is helping Wes work on his truck today, and I don't know what else we'll do while they're here. We're just enjoying their slightly-surprise visit!

2. My thrifty finds yesterday. I found some vintage fabrics, doilies, and sewing notions, including a standing skirt-hem marker! I love it! I'm becoming a vintage fanatic. I just get so much pleasure out of handling things that have had a life with someone before me.

3. My Etsy shop had three sales in the past week. That's not many, but it's been exciting to see things picking up there again.

4. Wes' new-to-him truck. He actually got it last week, so I hope it's ok to include something from earlier than this week. He has wanted a truck for years, but we just couldn't afford one. Someone gave him some money to start a truck fund, and he's been saving and watching the local classifieds. He finally found one, a 1995 Dodge, that was within his price range. It had some work needing to be done, so he was able to offer a lower price, which the owner accepted. He loves his truck, and I love that he has one! There's just something about a man and his truck, you know?!

5. A couple of evenings at home alone. We were super busy last week with VBS, and I was just about frazzled come Monday morning. Wes and Beth both needed to be at the church Monday and Tuesday nights for the Teen Crusade, but I didn't have to be there. So I got several hours each evening to relax and catch up on reading blogs and get some needed things done. Those evenings were such a blessing! I don't want to be alone all the time, you know, but a few hours here and there are nice!

Head over to Susanne's and read some of the blessings of others, and maybe add your own! What blessings can you share this week?


  1. Neat that your in-laws could visit, especially while Beth is home! Thrift-shopping together sounds fun.

    I would love to have a standing skirt hem-marker!

    So glad Wes got a truck at a good price! My husband wanted one for years: my youngest has one now, and he lets his dad use it sometimes. :-)

    It's so nice to have some time alone every now and then.

  2. A little time alone is good for the soul, I think. I clicked over and looked at your Etsy shop -- such cute gift tags and things!

    Have a great week ahead.

  3. Great list of blessings! I hope your surprise visit is going well and yay for teens being active at church!! My youngest daughter (age 14) has been away at youth group camp since last Sunday..I can't wait to see her tomorrow!! Enjoy the weekend

  4. Good faves, Susan. I hope you have a nice visit with your in-laws. How nice that Wes was able to get a truck! There's just something about a truck that men love. :)

  5. Hello Susan! Welcome to Friday's Fave Five! I notice that you live in Kelowna! We love Kelowna and will actually be going there again for holidays this summer. It's our go to place. I can hardly wait to get there. It's a long drive for us but oh so worth it.

    Love that you mentioned the truck. And I love that someone started out a truck fund for him. Great idea. Enjoy your visit with your in-laws.


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