Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Graduation Pictures

I'll share with you some pictures from Andrew's graduation. He finished his classes during the fall semester last year, so the actual graduation was just a formality for him; in his mind, he'd been done for several months! He was recognized for his work in soulwinning and inducted into Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities in Tuesday morning chapel. The Baccalaureate service was Tuesday night, and graduation was at 9:00 Wednesday morning.

Andrew and Grandpa Hutchens after the Baccalaureate service on Tuesday night. Wes' mom and my parents were unable to attend this year.
Andrew, Grandpa, and Wes
Andrew marching in. This is a horrible picture because we didn't realize he would be the second or third student down our aisle. Wes didn't get any pictures of him coming in, and this is the only one I got, taken on my iPhone as I realized this would be the only one we'd get!
My parents snapped this picture of Andrew receiving his diploma as they were watching via livestream. I'm so thrilled they got this one!
Bachelor of Religious Education in Bible and Church Ministries
Proud Dad and son
Both our boys with their dad. Sam is dressed in his regalia as a faculty member. His is different on the shoulders and sleeves because he has a master's degree.
Andrew had on his R2D2 and Yoda socks during grad! This was taken later in the day, as we were going to dinner.
Those are the highlights from the day! Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. That's hilarious about the socks! I'm glad he found a conservative way to express some individuality. Glad you could be there for the special day!

  2. That boy is always coming up with something like that! LOL I wasn't a bit surprised he'd worn Star Wars socks under his dress pants.

  3. Congratulations to Andrew! I know that you are one proud momma. I've been catching up on your recent posts; you sure have become a travelin' lady! You'll have to share some of your packing tips.

    1. Yes, we are proud of him - he's doing great, by the Lord's grace! As for my packing tips? Oh, mercy! LOL You don't want to see my suitcase!

  4. Congratulations to Andrew!!! Wow! His college years sure passed FAST!!! At least to us out in blogland!

    1. His college years went fast to us, too! Beth will be entering her junior year this fall - just two more years and we'll be done with the college years. That's a little sad, but looking forward to the joys of our adult children!


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