Thursday, May 09, 2013

Two Days in Seattle

Hi, again! We've spent two relaxing days in Seattle on our trip down for our son Andrew's college graduation. Bright and early tomorrow morning, we'll be boarding an Amtrak train for Burbank! I'm getting more and more excited as we get closer to the train portion of our trip!

We've shopped, eaten out, walked around the park, gone to church, and been to the original Starbucks and downtown Seattle's Pike Place Market. Or is it the Seattle Public Market? I never know! We've also been serenaded with an old-time spiritual in front of the original Starbucks. And we've had cheesecake (mine was low-carb; his was definitely not) and a smoothie (sugar-free for me) and a peanut butter chocolate milkshake (not for me). Here are a few pictures from the past two days . . .

The park in downtown Bellevue, WA. The walking path, which you can see in the foreground, is 1/2 mile around the park. We walked it several times after we ate lunch. Because we could barely move. Because we ate at Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever and now have a new favorite restaurant.
Another section of the park. Those little pools were all along the track, and they emptied over that waterfall thing in the picture above this one. Lots of ducks in these pools. Several were asleep with their heads tucked under their wings, which I'd never seen before.

My husband being rude.
I'm about to teach him not to be rude.
I think he enjoyed that lesson too much.
The famous entrance to the market.
Flower vendors line the side of the market. These are huge bouquets. One of these days I'll get one, but we're usually leaving within a day or two & can't take them on a plane or train or back into Canada.
Another common sight: produce stands. Some of the most delicious-looking fruits and veggies ever.
The length of the Market.
Outside Starbucks. This group is here quite often. They sing spirituals and songs like 'Lean On Me.' When they found out Wes is a pastor, they sang us an old spiritual. We loved it!
This is not low-carb. It is not low-anything. It's a peanut-butter-chocolate milkshake. Wes loves anything peanut butter, especially with chocolate included.
I was thrilled to find that Cold Stone Creamery has smoothies sweetened with Splenda. Hello, Strawberry-Mango!
We'll be boarding our train around 8:30 tomorrow morning. As part of our sleeping arrangements, we have access to a parlor car with free wifi. As soon as we get settled on the train I'll take some inside pictures and let you know our first impressions. See you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing time there in Seattle, Susan! Though I haven't had breakfast yet, so all of the talk of food is making me really hungry.

    Have fun on the train trip too! Hope you and Wes enjoy the train experience as much as we did!

  2. Your pictures made me smile, looks like you're having fun!

    I am drooling over those flowers, so gorgeous!

    Cheesecake Factory is one of my very favorite places to eat!


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