Tuesday, May 07, 2013

On The Road

Hello from Bellevue, Washington!

We left this morning around 10:00, drove all day, had a momentary scare, got lost in Bellevue trying to find our hotel, and finally arrived and got some supper. It's been an absolutely beautiful day: clear skies and warm temps (upper 60s to lower 70s), and we've already begun to relax. We had a good time together today, not talking all that much (mainly because I was either sleeping or reading!), but enjoying each other's company.

I have to tell you about our momentary scare. It's funny now.

Between Hope and Chilliwack, BC

We had driven about 3 hours and had stopped in Hope, BC, which is about one hour from where we would cross the US border. We'd had lunch and were getting ready to drive again when I suddenly remembered that I didn't have my Permanent Residence card. This is a driver's-license type card that is my proof that I am living in Canada legally. It's a must-have to get back into the country. When you receive your PR card, though, the clerk stresses to you the importance of not keeping it in your wallet and only carrying it when you leave the country. Being the rule-follower that I am, I put my card back in our file cabinet when we got home in January.

And that's where it is today.

So I said very casually to Wes, "You know what? I don't think I have my PR card." I could tell he was controlling his response as he just as casually said, "You're kidding, right?"

I checked again; it's definitely not in my wallet.

So we proceeded to use our handy dandy iPhones to search online: "do I have to have my PR card to get back into Canada?" The answer on the Immigrations website was, if you are traveling by private vehicle, no; although you can get in with some other valid form of immigration paperwork. Hm. Wes had taken our PR paperwork out of the glove box this very morning to file it. So we didn't have that either.

We are now considering the very real possibility that we will have to drive all the way back home, go in the house and get the card, and drive all the way back. That's six hours. Plus the other three hours we still had till we got to the Seattle area. No one has a key to our apartment, so they can't go in and get the card and mail it to us in California. Besides, the place is a mess and I'd be way embarrassed for anyone to have to scrabble around in our file cabinet to find an unmarked file folder.

Next choice? Call Immigrations.

They refer us to Border Patrol.

The guy at the border said we can use my American passport with the stamp that was placed in it the day we became permanent residents. What a relief! The stamp is proof enough that I have permanent residence; the agent at the border can enter the accompanying number to pull up my file. Not to mention Wes will be with me with his PR card (which he carries in his wallet, that rebel!), we have the same last name, we live at the same address, and he is my sponsor in Canada. Lots of circumstantial evidence there, so I'm glad I have the stamp! ;)

We also got lost trying to find our hotel. The directions weren't clear on our reservation printout, so we went right past the turn we needed to make. We proceeded to take a tour of Bellevue. It's a beautiful town. You get a real good look at it during rush hour standstill traffic! LOL We finally used our precious (read: expensive) roaming data to use the GPS on Wes's phone.He had pre-purchased a certain amount, so it didn't cost much, but we used all of the purchased data. Any more will cost a pretty penny. But this was an adventure! I always have adventures (read here, and here, and here for proof) when I'm driving. Wes doesn't usually have adventures, but now he can say he's been on one with me! ;)

So now we've had supper and are relaxing in our room. We were both starving!

I hope you've had some adventures today! Talk to you later!


  1. Oh I'm SO GLAD you didn't have to turn around for your paperwork!

    1. Oh, me too! It wouldn't have been funny at all. ;)

  2. I enjoy reading your blogs. Those pictures look so familiar. Sounds like us on the road! Safe travels!!

    1. I should have written down more when we were on deputation. Those were some adventures too! LOL Mostly good, but still adventures. Thanks for commenting, Stephanie! Hope you guys are doing well. Looking forward to having you in BC!

  3. BTW It's not my hubby that reads it me, Stephanie!

  4. That's great that you didn't have to turn around!

    1. I am SO glad we didn't have to do that! The Lord answered prayer very quickly on that one!

  5. Glad that all worked out ok! We had a misadventure driving Monday when the road that Google Maps directed us to was a closed road through a school parking lot. The road wasn't showing up at all on the GPS, so we had to use the phone for directions, too. I had asked Jesse to come with me to carry things (taking a meal to a lady who had had surgery) but thankfully he was there to help navigate, too. The lady said the road used to be open to through traffic but had been incorporated into the school property recently.

    1. We have had so many troubles with GPS's (is that the proper plural?). The ones on our phones have seemed to do well so far. I think it's Google Maps that I've always used. Not sure what Wes uses. Anyway, the big ones that we've used in the car haven't been the most reliable. Glad you were able to find your way, and good thing Jesse was with you to navigate!


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