Friday, May 03, 2013

Mother/Daughter Brunch 2013

We had our church's Mother/Daughter Brunch a couple of weeks early this year. Wes and I will be out of town on Mother's Day - we'll be with our own children that day - and we had Mrs. Peggy Ellis, the wife of Rock of Ages Ministries' Director, with us last weekend for our Missions Conference. The Ellises have been to our church before we came here, so many of our people already knew them, although Wes and I had never met them. We knew our ladies would love hearing from Mrs. Ellis, so we planned our Brunch for the weekend she would be with us.

Very simple table decorations

We did things the easy way this year: we met at The Yellow House Restaurant downtown. Wes decided we'd do that to save on the ladies having to clean, decorate, cook, and clean up their own function. I loved the idea personally, because it eased the load for me in having to plan everything, and I didn't feel guilty having to ask anyone to help decorate and have everyone bring food. I was a bit unsure about how the ladies would feel about it, because there would be a charge to attend, where normally we wouldn't have a fee. Judging from the attendance, though, it doesn't seem that anyone minded!

A view of the entire room: beautiful red and gold Mediterranean decor, and our waiter standing in the back

We were provided a menu that included both breakfast and lunch entrees, so each lady could choose what she wanted. The wait staff was excellent, even providing for a few special dietary needs of our ladies. I had the Smoked Chicken Wrap with the soup of the day, a "beetless" borscht. I'd never had borscht, but I'm a little adventurous, and I wasn't disappointed! It was delicious!

One of our ladies brought her tablet and we sent a group greeting to one of our missionary wives in South Africa

I had a couple of games scheduled, but the ladies were having so much fun chatting that I couldn't get them to pay attention to any games! LOL So I just let them chat.

For door prizes, I bought insulated cups and filled them with candy. It was a hit with both mothers and daughters!

After we ate, Mrs. Ellis spoke to us on including our mothers-in-law in honoring our mothers, something that we might forget sometimes.

Mrs. Peggy Ellis

Overall, it was a great experience, at least for me, to have the brunch at a restaurant. I felt it was much more relaxed, and it gave us more time to just fellowship with each other.

How does your church celebrate Mother's Day? Do you have a dinner or luncheon, have it catered, or go to a restaurant? Or do you do something totally different? I'd love to hear any and all kinds of ideas!


  1. Sounds like a nice brunch!

    Our church doesn't usually do anything for Mother's Day. Or at least not much. I think they've had three mother-daughter functions in the seven years we've been there. Someone in our church used to have a nursery, and they'd donate a small potted flower plant for each mother, but that was before I became a mother.

    1. We also give a single rose to each Mother on the actual Sunday of Mother's Day. When I was a little girl, they used to honor the oldest mother, youngest mother, and the mother with the most children. They were the same every year! LOL

  2. The church we're in now had a mother-daughter lunch the first year we were here, but haven't since. I think that may be because the lady who used to coordinate that kind of thing is no longer at the church. There is a team rather than one individual coordinating that ministry, but that was her particular strong suit - we haven't had as many activities since she left. But the pastor's wife always has a little something she puts together to pass out to moms on Mother's Day - one year a plant in a mug, another year bags of candy.

    At our previous church, we had a ladies' luncheon in the spring rather than specifying it was for mothers and daughters (though people continued to call it that). When we first started them, the ladies voted to have it catered so it would be the one event during the year that they didn't have to cook and clean for, though we did decorate. It was well attended in the early years but tapered off. It might have been better to vary it year by year. The cost was prohibitive for some, especially those with large families, but it was never more than what you'd pay for an average sit-down restaurant meal.

    That's funny about the games! Sounds like it was the best plan to just skip them. I love the simple decorations. Sounds like it was a lovely event!

    1. I like the idea of a ladies' spring luncheon, but our ladies are so used to having the Mother/Daughter theme that I don't know if it would catch on, either. I can see where the cost might get high for those with large families; that's what I worried about with ours last week. It didn't seem to be a problem this year, though.


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