Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grad Week Thus Far

Hello from Lancaster, California, where it's HOT!!! The temperature reached 100 degrees yesterday. I felt so privileged to be here on their first 100-degree day this year - not. Today was much cooler, but the wind was blowing so hard that there was a minor dust storm near the church. The grounds guys were cleaning the parking lot, and the whole time, the dust was just blowing right back in. Talk about futility!

All my chickies in a row: Andrew, Samuel, Juliana, Beth

Well, we've been enjoying our children. Sunday was great, as we spent two church services with them all. Juliana fixed us a delicious meal Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night Sam treated us all to dinner out for Mother's Day. Wes said he could get used to this! LOL

Monday, we did laundry. I know. That's so exciting. But it's a necessary thing, especially when you've been traveling for 4 days and you're about to run out of necessary things. So I did laundry in the hotel laundry room while Wes studied for Sunday (another necessary thing). We went over to the church and college campus after the laundry was done and had lunch with Beth and her friends in the dining hall, then Beth took us to her office to show us where she works. We left her there, as she had to work that afternoon, and Wes and I went over to the campus bookstore, one of my favorite places, where we expanded our library and enjoyed some cold drinks in the campus coffee shop.

Beth in her cubicle in the distance-learning office.

Monday night was the college choir spring concert, and it was fantastic! The choir and various groups sang some older songs that just touch your heart, and I enjoyed it so much. We've enjoyed lots of fellowship with those we see and meet during the services.

Just goofing around with Andrew

Today's (Tuesday) chapel service was the annual awards chapel, where students receive awards for various accomplishments. Andrew was recognized for being a soul-winning leader, which basically means he was the co-ordinator for a group of student soul-winners. We were also very pleased to see him inducted into the Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. He's pretty quiet about most things he's involved in, so it was a joy to us to see him recognized for some of those things.

More goofing around, but a little less goofy
 I have bunches more pictures, but I couldn't get them to upload to my computer for some reason. And it's after 11:00 at night after a long, busy day. I will get them, but I just don't have it in me to figure it out tonight!

Wes's dad arrived this afternoon. It's good to see him too and spend time with him. He was the only one of the grandparents able to come this time. We sure will miss Grandma, Papa, and Grandmama!!!

Tonight was the baccalaureate service for the graduates. This was just a regular church service, with the message being a charge to the students. Pastor Jim Butler of Greeneville, NC, was the guest speaker. We'd never heard him before, and he brought an excellent message to the students, one that challenged us parents too!

So we've had a great few days here with the kids. We've enjoyed seeing them every day, eating with them, and sitting with them in church. Tomorrow is the big day: graduation day for Andrew! 

If you're close friends or family and want to watch the graduation, it will be live-streamed beginning at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time, Wednesday morning.You can link directly to the live stream at lbclive.tv. That's all for now! Talk to you later!

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  1. Sounds like such fun though busy!


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