Friday, April 26, 2013

What's Up?

The road ahead
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Just a little drive-by posting today! We are busier than one-armed paper-hangers in a windstorm! I know that's not politically correct, but it's accurate. Up till today it's been a normal week, but tonight we have guests arriving: Bro. and Mrs. Terry Ellis from Rock of Ages Prison Ministry are here for him to preach our Missions Conference, and she is speaking to our ladies tomorrow at our 2-week-early Mother/Daughter Brunch. So today we've been shopping, cleaning, cooking, and preparing for the weekend.

I was going to share some personal photos with you, but I've been trying to upload them to Blogger all day and haven't been able to. I suppose it's a problem within Blogger. Maybe now's a good time to tell you that I'm working on moving my blog to my own domain, where I'll have my own shop, too. I hope to have that ready by mid-summer. I have a lot going on between now and then, both ministry-wise and with family, so I won't promise . . . but I'm working on it every chance I get.

Next week is Missions Conference, and then, on May 8th, we're leaving for a little personal vacation AND Andrew's college graduation! He's done; can you believe it? Wes has booked us on an Amtrak train from Seattle to Los Angeles. It's a 36-hour trip, but we'll have our own sleeping area and all meals furnished, so all we'll have to do is ride, like a cruise on land! I'm very excited about this trip! And we'll be with all 4 of our children - I love including my daughter-in-law, Juliana - on Mother's Day. That only happens every few years now that they're all grown.

A few weeks after graduation, we'll be going back to Lancaster, CA, for Spiritual Leadership Conference. I've wanted to go for years, but we just never had the money in years past. This year Wes put it on the church calendar, so we were semi-committed to going. We just weren't seeing the money we needed. But while we were away in Williams Lake, our sweet church family voted to pay for our trip - so now it's definite that we're going! We won't have to stay in a hotel, though. Because Sam & Juliana will be traveling with a college tour group, they have allowed us to stay in their apartment. This is a new thing for us, but I think I like it!

So that's what just ahead for us. Do you have exciting things planned for this summer?


  1. Wow, some busy times ahead, but some very good ones. So glad for all the good things ahead for you. I'll be interested to hear about how the train trip goes -- I've been wondering about train trips.

    1. Barbara, I plan to do a little blogging from the train, just for that reason - so people can see what it's like, what is good and what's not so good. Stay tuned!

  2. Yeah!!! A few opportunities to see you!!!!! looking forward to it!

    1. That's right, Jennifer! We'll have to find a meeting place!

  3. Lots of fun things coming up for you! I'm excited to hear about the train trip too. :)

  4. Oh, Susan, it all sounds wonderful! I am trying hard not to be envious, especially of that Amtrak trip. We took a trip years ago from Springfield, MA to Elko, NV, and it was such fun. We hope to do it again someday when we have more time.


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