Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Weekly Goals

 Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird 
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It's a new week just waiting for some accomplishments! The weather is supposed to be nice all week, and I have some plans for the end of the week that I hope will move me along in some broader goals for the year. Last week was a busy one for us, but this week promises to be a more "normal" week - whatever that might be. At least we don't have any major ministry events happening this week, although the rest of April will be busy with one week away and one week of missions conference.

So let's see what's up for this week:

~ Drink more water - still one per day of my 3-cup water bottle
~ Eat Healthy Plate at supper
~ Exercise 3 times
~ Rise early every day - before 6 AM
~ Attach border to current quilt project
~ Mark quilting design
~ Practice free-motion quilting 5 days
~ Make 6 new products for HandmadeByGrace
~ Read 2 chapters in The Choice is Yours: Life Happens. Walking with God is a decision.

~ Keep up with my homemaking schedule

Now to see how I did last week:

~ Drink more water (specifically my 3-cup water bottle once each day; it's a start!) Almost - 5 days
~ Exercise 3 times - Yes! Two days at Curves and one long walk
~ Eat according to Healthy Plate each night at supper - Not even close!
~ Rise early each morning (Early To Rise Challenge's last week!) - Yes, and I'm still loving it!
~ Finish quilt top, sandwich, and mark my current quilt project - Ummm . . . no.
~ Practice free-motion quilting each day - Nope
~ Finish 31 Day Organizing Challenge Yes, and you can see the reveal here!
~ Make 6 new tote bags for HandmadeByGrace  - no
~ Follow my homekeeping plan each day (I'm using Motivated Moms' app this year) No - just barely kept up with the basics
~ Blog 5 times - Almost: blogged 4 times last week

Are you setting any goals this week? 

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