Saturday, March 16, 2013

Worth the Read

Photo by Raven

Just a few things I've run across lately that I felt were worth the read:

Bless Them Best: Make sure the meal you're making for a family in need truly is a blessing to them
8 Ways To Help Those Who Grieve: Along the same lines as the above link, from Pastor Cary Schmidt
Life is Supposed To Be Fruity: Let's go bear some fruit! From my favorite ladies' speaker 
11 Things to Do Tonight to Set You Up for Success Tomorrow: A good morning starts the night before
15 Things You Can Do Each Morning To Make Your Day More Successful: How you approach each day can change your life


  1. Thanks for the links, gonna have to go burn some time reading them. Aww, bummer. :0)

    1. Just use the time wisely, Tori! ;)


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