Monday, March 25, 2013

Goals For The Week

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird
Photo by blmiers2
Goals motivate me, especially when I meet them! Last year I shared my weekly goals with you a few times in the hopes that (1) public accountability would help me meet them, and (2) some of my goals might encourage you to set some of your own. I dropped that ball, but I'd like to pick it up again. A couple of bloggers I follow share their goals each week (Across My Kitchen Table and Money Saving Mom), and they're an encouragement to me, so I'm rejoining them.

 ~ Drink more water (specifically my 3-cup water bottle once each day; it's a start!)
~ Exercise 3 times
~ Eat according to Healthy Plate each night at supper
~ Rise early each morning (Early To Rise Challenge's last week!)
~ Finish quilt top, sandwich, and mark my current quilt project
~ Practice free-motion quilting each day
~ Finish 31 Day Organizing Challenge
~ Make 6 new tote bags for HandmadeByGrace
~ Follow my homekeeping plan each day (I'm using Motivated Moms' app this year)
~ Blog 5 times

Have a great week!

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